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Waffle maker

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Crackery Thu 14-Feb-19 12:50:11

Anyone got a waffle
Maker they'd recommend?

Or is it a total gimmic gadget?

Was thinking for my teen dd.

MeetJoeTurquoise Thu 14-Feb-19 13:08:36

We havea Cusinart one and yes we use it.

Frazzlerock Thu 14-Feb-19 13:13:28

Ours is a massive PITA to clean. The batter gets everywhere, in every crevice and it is really hard to get to some of the crevices.
Also, it makes really rubbish waffles. Not lovely big square fluffy ones. Ours is a Silvercrest one so maybe avoid that one.

Frazzlerock Thu 14-Feb-19 13:14:51

I've just Googled the Cuisinart one that @MeetJoeTurquoise has and that looks waaaaay better than ours.

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