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In a quandry about climbing frames

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suzi2 Tue 03-Jul-07 22:46:36

DS is 2 very soon and I fancied buying him something for the garden. Price isn't a problem as such, but I hate wasting money. I've been looking at a few different things:

Little Tikes jungle climber (can get for £99), bigger little tikes climber thingy (about £200). Or then there's the TP frames that you can add to and grow with. or a berchet one that's a house and slide.

He's a short child though and I worry that some things will just be too big for him to climb and it's near impossible to see them in the flesh. And I don't want to be helping him all the time as I have DD who is 5 months to play with too. Oh, that was the other point, I'd want her to use it sooner rather than later.

Any recommendations? Do we go for pricey but "will grow with them" or cheaper and "for the next year or two"?

wrinklytum Tue 03-Jul-07 22:51:43

I know its not a climbing frame but how about a sandpit?

I bought one for the dcs when ds was 2ish and I was very busy bf no 2.I could sit in garden and watch him in it and bf without worrying.

It was about eighty quid made of treated wood and has a lid that opens out into seating so that when you have finished you cn cover it up to protect from cats using it as giant litter tray.

A very good investment as they both play in it now.

ernest Tue 03-Jul-07 23:15:41

everytime my kids so much as look at the sandpit, they have it everywhere, in hair, down pants etc etc. even if I catch them in time and make them strip at the front door, I still end up having to give them a bath and hoover the whole bloody house from top to bottom.....

You have been warned.

A slide? My mum suggested one, I poo pood it. Can bitterly admit that she was right and 3 kids later it's still going strong. was a little tikes cube slide to climb over too. ours was just baby one, can get em bigger

cylonbabe Tue 03-Jul-07 23:19:46

suzi, at two, i would suggest the smaller ones.
for ds1's fifth birthfay i n=bough thim the big early learninjg hexagonal climbing frrame, plus slide and monkey bar thing next to it. it was the best almost 300 quid i ever spent. ds2 was 10 months at the time. all three of my children have played on it, and still do. ds is 10 now.
if you get a good one, then you can always sell it on in a couple of years

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