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Those MEGA paddling pools with electric filters- anyone got one and can explain????

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bayleaf Tue 03-Jul-07 21:10:35

I presumed the instructions would make it clear but they don't.... How often and for how long do I run the filter - presuambly I don't leave it running all the time do I? SO do I use it daily - and for how long - or just when it looks a bit murky???? AS you may guess, I'm a beginner in all this - AND AN OPTIMIST - IT HAS TO STOP RAINING SOMETIME!!!!!

Beelliesebub Wed 04-Jul-07 09:52:21

I had a 12ft one and somewhere in the instructions it advised that you should run the filter for at least an hour before you get in but definitely not have it running while you're in it. Every two or three days, before I ran the filter I would stand it on a chair (so the water didn't pour out) take out the middle bit of the filter and rinse it for a while under the tap, you'd be surprised of the amount of nastiness that comes out. I also ended up buying a cover, long net thing and pool chemicals and to be honest once you get into the swing of things it all worked quite well.
We can't have it any more cos' dh has gravelled the garden so I've bought a garden shower instead to cool me down when it gets really, really hot.

hoxtonchick Wed 04-Jul-07 09:54:55

we only had ours up for a weekend before the sodding rain..... not too sure about the filter, but i've bought a course of water treatment chemicals from b&q for about 20 quid. that's enough for an 8 week cycle.

McDreamy Wed 04-Jul-07 09:57:18

We use ours for about 4-5 hours after every use. We also put a chlorine float in it when it is not in use. Once the water has gone murky we tend to change it.

bayleaf Wed 04-Jul-07 20:16:24

Thanks. Yes I've treated the water with a sachet thing Aquablanc I think - and have a 'solar cover' - which doesn't fully cover it tho so I think I shall need a net to catch leaves etc. I'm glad you say it's not too difficult once you get started Beel as I was feeling a bit daunted by it all ( esp as little prospect of actually using it!)and it felt like a lot of hassle. Maybe I should get a float thing or some test papers too.

Beelliesebub Thu 05-Jul-07 09:18:46

I must admit bayleaf, I felt the same way but it was really great being able to get in the pool when it was really hot, so it was worth it really and to be honest I'm not sure a garden shower is gonna make up for it... lol.
I considered getting a chlorine floater when we had ours but I decided that I'd still have to get the set cos' it changes the acidity of the water and allsorts of malarkey whereas the floater just dispensed chlorine...iykwim. The test papers are a really good idea though cos they tell you everything that's going on with your water.
I'm quite a sad individual really cos I got into a little routine in the mornings "doing ma pool" and if the truth be known, I quite miss it. Perhaps, if i'm a good girl dh will dig me a permanent one [not a chance in hell emoticon].

miljee Thu 05-Jul-07 13:01:48

TBH I'm rather wary of these type of pools anyway. I can't see how you can really keep them safe and clean- finding the balance between full of germs and full of chemicals! Less than spotless pools are a major source of kids ear and tummy problems in my opinion.

We had an 11m in-ground pool in Queensland, and, in the summer, it took me a total of 2-3 hours a week to look after it properly- scrubbing the sides, de-leafing it, vacuuming it, cleaning the chlorinator, back-washing it AND doing the 'every other day' chemistry set tests on the water! Oh, then going to the pool shop to buy the necessary chemicals or salt. With heavy useage I had to 'shock' it every so often which is a chlorine overload to kill all the bugs (you can't safely use a pool whilst it's being shocked). I gather it's harder to keep small pools clean because when 'things go wrong' the effect on the water happens much more quickly than with a larger body of water.

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