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talk me through Ipods please

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LadyVictoriaOfCake Mon 02-Jul-07 20:14:16

i dont have a clue!

musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters Mon 02-Jul-07 20:20:10

what do you want to know? have you got one and can;'t use it? want one? or what?

I can't guaruntee i can help but i have one that i use regularly lol

LadyVictoriaOfCake Mon 02-Jul-07 20:24:57

i want one

now is it worth getting a video one, whats the differences, and best place to buy one?

musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters Mon 02-Jul-07 20:27:17

ah right. much will you use it? and where will you be using it?

DP has a video one (we both won them so no choice really) and the novelty wore off for the vids after a while. you can however put films on in v v v low res.

mine is a nano and the smallest size which is big enough for me and what i use it for (when running/going somewhere without the DCs - ie never!- shopping...)

there are some good alternatives to th eipod though

LadyVictoriaOfCake Mon 02-Jul-07 20:29:30

i want it for doing houseowrk when dh is asleep as i cant put the stereo on, for general pottering about, in the car (got an FM trabnsmitter thingy fior xmas but no ipod)

have mp3 player which isnt very good and driving me mad at the moment.

musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters Mon 02-Jul-07 20:32:49

well i can't help with where to buy it as DP and i won ours lol!!

i love mine, just what i need, nice size and weight and itunes very easy to use as is the ipod itself. Dop has had a few probs with his, it wouldn't switch off then it erased iself (have to point out that he regularly leaves it hidden in the car in v hot or v cold weather)

hopefully someone willcome along in a bit who can help properly but my overall experience of ipods is very good.

rantinghousewife Mon 02-Jul-07 20:39:08

I have an ipod and for music they are absolutely fine, however if it's video you're after, you'd be better off with an iaudio here which is expensive but a serious piece of kit, dh has one.

shhhh Mon 02-Jul-07 20:47:08

I wouldn't opt for a video one unless you have a desire to watch videos..which imo is what I have mtv for..?! And as I use it in the car this is not a good feature for me. Also think the screen is not large enough to watch videos on although its good quality (my sister and dad have one) I however have an ipod nano and although I was against it as I never thought I would get use out of it I now use it everyday!
DD (only 2) bought it for me for christmas..bless.. and I use it via an fm transmitter in the car. I so love it..! . Allows me to download all the new tunes as well as old tunes from an age ago! Oh and means I have now stored my cd collection away as they were all in my car so not the tidiest or very safe iykwim.

Get one..!! Oh..mine is pink .!

LadyVictoriaOfCake Mon 02-Jul-07 20:55:25

so what about the shuffle? thats just random songs right?

with the nano can i choose to play songs by one artist only? or make up playlists etc?

really want it for the car as have cd's floating all over atm.

musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters Mon 02-Jul-07 20:57:38

don;'t know much about the shuffle but you d/l the tunes you want to put in your itunes library or copy your cds into it. you canmake playlists/burn cds/copy cds all initunes

rantinghousewife Mon 02-Jul-07 20:58:59

You are correct in your assumption of what the nano and shuffle do. I have had a creative (zen) in the past tho' and I thought the sound quality was better than the ipod.

contentiouscat Mon 02-Jul-07 21:06:35

The shuffle holds up to 500 songs but has no screen so you cant select what you want to listen to that way.

The nano comes in 2gb - 500 songs, 4gb 1000 songs and 8gb 2000 songs it has a screen so you can select what you want to listen to.

The video comes in 30gb 7500 songs and 80gb 20,000 songs.

I have the video mainly because there was only £10 between the nano 8gb and the 30gb video - we have cables to link it through the stereo so that when we have visitors we just set up a playlist and have no fiddling about trying to find a CD when you are drunk!!

I got mine direct from they engrave it free of charge and it was with me fully engraved within 24 hours (I was rather impressed)

shhhh Mon 02-Jul-07 21:10:53

mine was from as well and engraved for free!! I have all cd's and downloads on it and tbh never listen to half the songs I have on its memory BUT I have got my car playlists which is basically my list of songs I want to listen to most often. You can also select a shuffle on the ipod nano which randomly selects songs to play from differnt artists. You can also listen to a certain arists songs or a certain album one after another ....

Don't have "shuffle" so can't comment sorry..! I don't know what its use is for either..

contentiouscat Mon 02-Jul-07 21:25:42

I downloaded the I-quiz from which was less than a quid at the time I dont use the TV quiz much, am hopeless at the film quiz but the music one (which is somehow personalised to the tunes on my i-pod) is great. They have a few good games you can download now I find it quite useful while I am hanging around waiting for the children

You can shuffle on the video too - I use it occasionally but tend to listen to certain things depending on my mood so the I-pod shuffle itself would have been no good for me.

purpleduck Mon 02-Jul-07 21:26:19

I love love love my ipod nano (pink!!) I have a 4gb one and I am secretly wishing for an 8gb one (even though mine is not full yet !!!) Buy a good quality docking station which will charge it, and play music. For the car you will need some kind of fancy cable (it all goes a bit hazy there!!!) It is just sooo convenient to not have to worry about batteries, and also to have whatever music takes your fancy - right there!! All handy!!! Did I mention how much I love it??

LadyVictoriaOfCake Mon 02-Jul-07 21:33:28

right so shuffle is out, as i want to be able to pick and choose my songs. not sure i would yuse the video much, so nano maybe might be what i need.

are they easy to use as they seem? are there any problems i should be aware of?

shhhh Mon 02-Jul-07 21:35:48

I thought I would struggle with my ipod but its sooooo easy..! and even I could copy my cd's onto it and I can even download songs onto it without any problem..! Nah na na na naaaahhh...!

LyraB Mon 02-Jul-07 21:37:32

Definitely worth having one. When you go out you've got your whole record/CD collection with you in one tiny device. If you get a video one, you can put TV shows on it.

LyraB Mon 02-Jul-07 21:38:52

You won't get that many songs on a nano. Get one with a bigger memory (20 gig maybe) so you can put as much music as you want on it. You can also put photos on some models.

LadyVictoriaOfCake Mon 02-Jul-07 21:40:17

this will take a while to get but is it worth it?

LyraB Mon 02-Jul-07 21:44:58

That's the one I would get if I was buying a new one. DP has one and it's fab.

LadyVictoriaOfCake Mon 02-Jul-07 21:46:25

is it worth going for the £239 one?


LyraB Mon 02-Jul-07 21:49:20

Only if you've got the time to put 20,000 songs on it. Mine's a 20gig, which takes 5,000 songs, and I've only got about 1,500 on it so far after 2 years.
the 30gig should be plenty imo.

LadyVictoriaOfCake Mon 02-Jul-07 21:50:24

i dont think i have 20,000 songs.

now how can i convert vinyl ??

contentiouscat Mon 02-Jul-07 21:50:54

I dont use the video on mine at all but I knew I wanted to be able to put as many songs as possible on - I knew I would run out of memory if I got the nano.

The 8gb nano which held 2000 songs was £169 and the video which was 30gb and holds 7500 was only £10 more expensive. If you dont need that much memory then go for a smaller nano but if you want 2000 or more then I would go for the video.

Oh yes and I love it, love it, love it too

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