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Ali express

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lovely36 Mon 28-Jan-19 23:45:59

Anyone else obsessed with Ali express? Lol I love that I can buy everything for half the price.

unexpectedgifts Tue 29-Jan-19 00:44:32

I put a big order in with them last September. I was really pleased with the quality of products that arrived.

I was very put off though, within an hour of making an Ali express account and paying via credit card, my email account was hacked from a location in Africa.

Luckily I was alerted as the location was not my usual global position.

I'm a bit reluctant to use it again, but I'm sad as the quality and price was so good.

dysongirl Tue 29-Jan-19 00:53:08

Love it wink
Bought gorgeous kitchen chair covers for little or nothing smile

lovely36 Tue 29-Jan-19 21:47:35

@unexpectedgifts oh no! That's scary. Luckily nothing like that has happened to me! I order things all the time and the quality is great.

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