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nappyaddict Sun 01-Jul-07 10:18:29

ok so i know if you're having a pressure mounted stair gate at the top of the stairs you are supposed to use wall cups with it. can you use the adhesive pads with them or should you screw them in?

flack Sun 01-Jul-07 15:28:32

I would screw them in. Am saying that even though compared to most people I'm very laid back about safety. But I've heard too many stories about baby fracturing head from falling down stairs. Imagine a big 2yo trying to climb over the gate and whether it will really hold.

In which case, why not just get a proper screw-in type gate in the first place?

littlelapin Sun 01-Jul-07 15:48:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

McDreamy Sun 01-Jul-07 15:51:04

In the same position as you LL not allowed to screw anything into the wall. We used adhesive cups and ended up pulling the attractive wood chip wallpaper off!!! Screw in is better but the adhesive does work to a point.

McDreamy Sun 01-Jul-07 15:51:41

We live in a bungalow now so problem solved until our next posting!

pinkspottywellies Sun 01-Jul-07 15:55:54

Ooh can I add a stairgate question?! At the bottom of our stairs the skirting board means that the gate won't fit properly becasue the gap is narrower at the bottom. Do I need to just add a block of wood at the top to level it out? That seems dangerous to me but can't think of another way.

McDreamy Sun 01-Jul-07 15:57:05

Can you put the stair gate on the step above to avoid the skirting board?

pinkspottywellies Sun 01-Jul-07 16:00:02

No it goes all the way up.

flack Sun 01-Jul-07 16:26:30

For a bottom stairgate I would be a lot more relaxed and probably just wedge some wood in... It's just a barrier to keep them off the stairs... they could grab hold and fall backwards in theory, but those kinds of falls happen anyway quite a lot after age 18m or so.

pinkspottywellies Sun 01-Jul-07 17:09:39

Ok will probably do that. The top's fine because the step is round the corner but I'm now thinking I might need to get a screw in one for the top without a bar and I don't want to ruin my banister !

littlelapin Sun 01-Jul-07 17:16:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nappyaddict Mon 02-Jul-07 12:33:18

we've got paint not wallpaper so no need to worry about the adhesive cups wrecking the walls.

has anyone had the adhesive cups not work?

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