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Maxi-Cosi PRIORIFIX - can we also use it (without the Isofix) in a small car?

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castille Sun 01-Jul-07 09:11:55

I mean, will it fit?

We're thinking of buying one mainly for the big car, but will we be able to use it in our Peugeot 206 (without Isofix) if we need to? Or does the leg thingy stick out too much and dig into the back of the person in front?

castille Sun 01-Jul-07 11:29:14


NannyL Sun 01-Jul-07 11:56:20

i dont knwo for 100% sure but i really think u can use it with normal seat belts as well

castille Sun 01-Jul-07 20:50:05

Thanks NannyL. The lady in the shop said it can be used with a seat belt, but I'm just wondering if it's going to be too big to go in a small car, really.

Has anyone got one?

MrsBadger Sun 01-Jul-07 21:03:34

yes, it'll fit in the back of a 206 using the seatbelt

castille Sun 01-Jul-07 21:15:18

Brilliant MrsB, thanks

RubyRioja Sun 01-Jul-07 21:24:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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