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Help, indoor den making kit...anyone seen an advert?

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Clayhead Sat 30-Jun-07 18:09:24

Help! dh has seen an advert on TV (Nick Jnr? He cannot remember) for a kit which made an indoor den using poles, fabric etc. but he cannot remember what it is called or who makes it.

Has anyone heard of this or does anyone know what it is called?


Califrog Sat 30-Jun-07 18:11:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Clayhead Sat 30-Jun-07 18:14:12

It's not for somewhere that has chairs, tablecloths and blankets.

MrsBadger Sat 30-Jun-07 18:15:13

this is the outdoor one or you can buy the bits seperately and get a cotton sheet rather than a waterproof one.

Personally I'd pop to Tesco and get a clothes horse or a couple of broom handles, a flat double sheet and a ball of string and wrap them up with a big label that said 'Den Making Kit'

tortoise Sat 30-Jun-07 18:22:22

is it this one?
My dc like the look of this. I won't be buying though!I can't afford too!

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