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can anyone help me thread my new mini sewing machine?

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treacletart Fri 03-Sep-04 19:53:10

I've bought a mini sewing machine on ebay. The brand is "SupportPlus". It looks great but the "instructions" are total gibberish and I'm having a nightmare trying to thread the bottom bobbin - unlike any other machine I've ever seen. It's incredibly fiddly to even take the bobbin case in or out and I cant get the thread to lie anywhere near the needle to pick it up. I appreciate this is a long-shot - but does anyone have the same machine?

treacletart Sun 05-Sep-04 12:48:15


lou33 Sun 05-Sep-04 14:55:31

Is it called supportplus, but made by another company? I can't fnd it on google.

treacletart Sun 05-Sep-04 18:24:59

Thanks for trying lou, I cant find it on google either. There's also the name "home-line" on the box and I think it might be German. My hope now is that even if noone has the same brand someone may have a similarly awkward mini machine...

lou33 Sun 05-Sep-04 18:46:03

When I type in Homeline it cross references with Janome. Could that be the make?

lou33 Sun 05-Sep-04 18:50:13

Is it a hand held machine?

libb Sun 05-Sep-04 19:03:12

I have a mini machine too and the bottom bobbin is stumping me too - I haven't looked at it for a few months as have been busy with new baby etc. Mine was from Woolworths but I am not sure of the brand - I just assumed I had fat fingers and have been meaning to try again . . . at some point.

treacletart Sun 05-Sep-04 19:17:43

Glad I'm not the only one libb! - Lou its not hand held, it's just a scaled down ordinary machine that only does runner stitch - looks a bit like a toy machine I guess.

lou33 Sun 05-Sep-04 19:26:28

I have a mini singer one, but it does quite a few stitches. Still looks like a toy though

treacletart Tue 07-Sep-04 08:37:18

anyone any ideas?

Bethwoo Mon 25-Mar-13 22:08:14

I've just signed up to post this as I too had terrible time trying to get it to work smile the uk distributors went bust in 2002 but I've managed to find another company that does them. It's now called a vikon mini, there's a YouTube vid as well that even shows how to thread it! Yippee! Only taken me about two years to find it smile I'm guessing tho that you probably gave up and gave it to the charity shop? smile just goes to show that everything comes to he who waits smile

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