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Bloody Dove summer sun moisturiser stuff!

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PinkChick Fri 29-Jun-07 16:08:20

oh yes, a hint of fake tan in an abundance of lotion..bollocks i look like ive been painted in white and orange stripes this morning! much for trying to keep of sunbeds and be healthy! other than do a Ross off friends and add more to try and match the stripes..what the hell do i do!..its mainly on arms(looks like ive dripped gravy down one of them!) but on legs 'meant' to be taking dd swimming in morning!

hippipotami Fri 29-Jun-07 18:19:18

I did not get on with it either. My legs look like a water colour painting in rust tones done by my 4yr old.

I used the Johnsons one last year and loved it, but moved to Dove based on recommendation from many so called friends! Grrr...

Saturn74 Fri 29-Jun-07 18:21:22

I thought for a moment that 'Bloody Dove' was the name of the brand!

multitasker Fri 29-Jun-07 18:34:05

Any of the moisturisers with a hint of tan that I've tried have left me streaky so I couldn't recommend using them at all. Get into the shower and start scrubbing!!

tibni Fri 29-Jun-07 20:28:32

Some years ago I got sunburnt quite badly while abroad. I had trouble sleeping because of the discomfort and kept waking and reapplying aftersun. Woke up in the morning streaky! Aftersun had "tan magnifier" in it!

Not sure I would recommend it but I used nail varnish remover on the worst bits! Not the best with sunburn but I was desperate! Used loads of proper moisturiser after!

skirmish Fri 29-Jun-07 20:30:57

you can get a 'tan remover' wipe from boots...or, put another application on to try to even it out. did you use the fair or dark one?

rantinghousewife Fri 29-Jun-07 20:32:37

Oh tibni.....ouch!!

tibni Fri 29-Jun-07 20:37:49

I know! But on a positive note my legs looked really good in photos from a distance! All bronzed! LOL I didn't allow close ups!

PinkChick Sat 30-Jun-07 08:10:39

i got two medium to dark gunna try and swap the unopend one today for the fair one!
have tried to reapply and blend into the streaks but put loads of normal moisturiser on first and its had no effect, so done it again this morn!, hopefully ill join the stripes up without looking like dale winton!
oh and its come off on all my nice fluffy white towels!, but the streaks are still as bas as ever, so dont know where its come off from?

skirmish Sat 30-Jun-07 08:13:06

bugger - haven't it had it come off onto sheets/towels but i use the fair/light one and find it's fine. I often get darker patches on knees, but then i would if i was getting a real suntan (legs bent, knees see more sun etc). I am quite pale and find it's really good - and doesn't smell as bad as the johnsons one

frascati Sat 30-Jun-07 08:13:55

Loreal nutrishimmer everytime for me. Have a lovely even tan this morning and I always use a tanning mitt to avoid streaks!

PinkChick Sat 30-Jun-07 20:39:08

ah, will invest in a mitt, but shop let me exchange one of them for the lighter shade, so may aply more tomorrow

used2bthin Sat 30-Jun-07 21:25:08

l'oreal nutrisummer is great. I am also struggling with withdrawl from the sunbeds but this works so well. I'm quite dark skinned anyway bur use the one for fair skin though as it can be too obvious otherwise. Have had one or too sunbeds too tho

FrayedKnot Sat 30-Jun-07 21:28:15

I think you need to try different sorts as Johnsons went streaky on me last year but this year I'm using Dove with no streaks.

Weirdly enough

Def go fot eh fair skin ones

PinkChick Thu 05-Jul-07 10:49:18

..been using the lighter one this week adits fab...will use darker one when back off hol and natural tan is fading..doesnt smell nice when initial scent wears off tho??..i think it smells like feet/wet dog..dd says i smell like chicken#???

Packman Thu 05-Jul-07 12:06:47

I have been using Dove Summer Sun - Normal to fair skin type for the past 12 months and think it is great. I try to be careful around elbows and ankles and make sure you wash your hands afterwards! I apply it every other day so as not to get streaks.

hatwoman Thu 05-Jul-07 12:10:14

I tried Johnson's last summer and found it was streaky. I used their face stuff - and thta was fine but didn;t like their body stuff. I used fake bake on my legs now and it's great. bit frightening when you put it on - all brown and gunky - but you can see what you're doing. You always get the odd patch that's not perfect - but it's a very subtle colour anyway so it's not blaring - and certainly not streaky or orange

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