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Mutsy urban rider with a fun seat

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nearlythere Thu 28-Jun-07 14:36:13

Right i've never tried a mutsy, i know most people hate them but i'm just thinking that it might be a fun summer stroller with the fun seat!

I don't stock mutsy either so i am looking to see what you guys think, i have a massive boot and it will only be used one day a week and on holiday at disney. Should i take the risk? I can get one pretty cheap on ebay at the moment.

Kimmyjus Fri 13-Jul-07 20:03:25

Hi. Have a Mutsy 4 Rider and it is fab. Way better than any other one we have tried - this is our 3rd pram and our daughter is only 5 1/2 months! She loves this one and it suits myself and my hubbie perfectly. Will keep this one until she's finished with prams altogether. I find it funny that people say they don't like them as it's extremely hard to track them down (except for the Spider of course which is totally different)so I doubt many people have actually tried one.We think the fun seat is great and might buy it for when she is older.

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