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i can't have this for a boy can i?

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nappyaddict Thu 28-Jun-07 10:04:00

but i love it!!

TrinityRhino Thu 28-Jun-07 10:05:46

no, you can't have it for a boy

it's not that nice

nearlythere Thu 28-Jun-07 10:06:48

umm- NO!

harleyd Thu 28-Jun-07 10:07:12

no way man, lol

nappyaddict Thu 28-Jun-07 10:11:18

but only £140 for a pushchair and a carrycot not that i need a carry cot. unless i buy it and keep it til i have a girl!

KbearBrockovich Thu 28-Jun-07 10:12:58

step away from the pram

mumto3girls Thu 28-Jun-07 10:13:46

that's not even nice for a girl - sorry

allgonebellyup Thu 28-Jun-07 10:13:48

i say its fine!

who the hell says a tiny bit of pink is gonna hurt him?

Get it!!

nearlythere Thu 28-Jun-07 10:13:48

jesus girl- you can get a pushchair and carrycot for less than £140!! I'll sell you one! AND it won't have a scrap of pink!

wishingfourgotone Thu 28-Jun-07 10:13:52

I dont think thats particulary nice and what if you dont get a girl it wouldnt be very good bargain then!
My mom couldnt carry boys!

allgonebellyup Thu 28-Jun-07 10:14:16

oh i read it as £40, not £140!!

Eight Thu 28-Jun-07 10:14:54

The colours remind me of some sort of chewy sweet.

Megglevache Thu 28-Jun-07 10:15:16

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict Thu 28-Jun-07 10:15:39

see i don't normally like pink pushchairs. it was the orange the drew me to this pram. and then i didn't care that it had a bit of pink on it

jeremyvile Thu 28-Jun-07 10:19:43

What about this one?

lemonaid Thu 28-Jun-07 10:23:02

Of course you can have it for a boy, if you like it. He isn't going to dissolve just because he touches something with a little bit of pink detailing.

filthylucre Thu 28-Jun-07 10:31:53

course you can have it for a boy if you want it. Ignore all the antediluvian thickwits who say no, most of their babies are sporting shaved heads, earrings and combats by the age of 6m

Bibis Thu 28-Jun-07 10:36:48

It's horrible, I do not buy 'for a girl' or 'for a boy', all the dcs have had same purple 1st stage car seat but it is basically a horrible buggy and I wouldn't use it even if I was given it.


nappyaddict Thu 28-Jun-07 10:38:42

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

lynniep Fri 29-Jun-07 17:24:26

I don't see why not. He won't care will he?!! Just be prepared for people to presume he's a girl. I got a happy flower maxi cosi car seat for DS because I thought it was gorgeous (as well as being ace on the functionality/safety front)
I'm the one that pushes it around (I use it as a pushchair with a micralite chassis) and its what I like that counts

nappyaddict Fri 29-Jun-07 21:20:26

do lots of people think he's a girl? surely with boy clothes on its not difficult to work out he's a boy.

lynniep Sat 30-Jun-07 10:08:25

Sometimes he might have a yellow or white blanket on and I think thats where the confusion lies (he does have a boys face, but then to a lot of people a baby is a baby is a baby...) Doesnt really bother me though. I just correct them and they look sheepish for guessing in the first place

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