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A rant about - anyone else found their service to be absolutely appalling?

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MinxyChicken Wed 27-Jun-07 01:00:57

I am really, really angry with this company.

I had a free trial for a month last year, then took up a 'special offer' for a year's subscription.

Last month they took £140 out of my bank account, as the subscription had expired.

They did not contact me to ask if I wanted to renew; they did not contact me to say that my current subscription was due to expire.

I contacted them, telling them that I did not want to renew my subscription, and that I wanted my £140 back.

They said they could only give me 11 months worth back, as they needed one months' notice - there was no mention of this on the original contract I signed online. In fact it specifically stated that I could cancel at any time.

I did not have any items of theirs, as we had stopped using their service several months ago.

But they then claimed that we still had two DVDs, and took £40 from my bank account to cover the cost of the lost items.

Luckily I had sent the last items back with a proof of postage, so I sent that to them.

This was several weeks ago, and I still haven't had a refund.

I am currently claiming the payment back through my bank.

Each time I contacted them, I got a different response from a different person.

Sorry for the extensive rant - just wondered if anyone else had found this company as irritating as I have, and whether their dubious business practises are widespread.

slinkee Wed 27-Jun-07 10:52:39

I had problems with them not too long ago. They are rubbish! (to put it mildly!)

pigsinmud Wed 27-Jun-07 12:09:47

Have to say that I have found them great. Had no problems at all - unlike other online dvd rental companies. Turn around of dvds fast. One company I used took about 3 days to post another dvd out. I've had a couple of problem dvds, but they've sent me 2 out as soon as I've told them a disc wasn't working.

Sounds like you've had a c**p time with them though - sorry.

MinxyChicken Wed 27-Jun-07 17:44:07

I think they are fine as long as you don't have a problem that they can't deal with via their automated email system.

The customer service representatives are adequately polite, but ineffective.

And their business practise with regard to taking money without permission is inexcusable.
I have contacted trading standards about them.

And I still await a refund.

NoodleStroodle Wed 27-Jun-07 17:47:40

We've only had really good service - sorry to hear yours has been shocking.

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