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Stylish flexible home office furniture/units (shelves, filing cabinets etc.)?

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franch Tue 26-Jun-07 16:30:40

Anyone come across anything really nice?

Pannacotta Tue 26-Jun-07 16:32:04

Am also looking for this kind of thing (posted in Good Housekeeping). No ideas sorry but will keep checking, hope someone knows of good places to look...

JackieNo Tue 26-Jun-07 16:34:59

It's bound to be Ikea, isn't it? Or get someone to make you something that fits your space exactly. (sorry - am aware this isn't necessarily terribly helpful).

Pannacotta Tue 26-Jun-07 16:36:17

Oh I wish I lived near IKEA, its the answer to most house type probs....

JackieNo Tue 26-Jun-07 16:39:29

They're doing some mail order now - check your postcode - I just did, and found that they now deliver to us (in theory).

Pannacotta Tue 26-Jun-07 16:41:40

still no, i keep hoping

NorksDrift Tue 26-Jun-07 16:59:36

Is any of this stuff what you're looking for?

NorksDrift Tue 26-Jun-07 17:02:36

This is fab,I think, but v expensive.

accessorizewithbabysick Tue 26-Jun-07 21:05:08

Holding company do some gorgeous stuff (but pricey).

Pannacotta Tue 26-Jun-07 21:55:09

Agree re Holding Co - but I so think it is so overpriced I cant bring myself to order from them...
Lots of things on their site are several pounds cheaper at Lakeland/J Lewis.

accessorizewithbabysick Wed 27-Jun-07 22:18:46

Hmm, see what you mean (I've never ordered anything either, I just like looking at the catalogue and dreaming that my house could be that organised). Um, Dwell, Lombok, M and S, New Heights?

franch Thu 05-Jul-07 16:52:55

Pannacotta - look at the new issue of LivingEtc magazine

Pannacotta Sat 07-Jul-07 20:43:54

Franch is there a discount or something liek that?

accessorizewithbabysick Sun 08-Jul-07 21:21:51

Have you tried Oka, Pannacotta, gorgeous stuff.

Pannacotta Sun 08-Jul-07 21:24:49

I love OKA too but it is sooo pricey.
WIll have to get myself to IKEA at some point I think or wait until they deliver here...

accessorizewithbabysick Tue 10-Jul-07 19:26:46

We can all dream, but sooner or later end up at Ikea

franch Sat 14-Jul-07 16:37:41

Pannacotta - no but a great feature on home offices - several pages

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