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Cosatto giggle mix handle height?

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Triskaidekaphilia Thu 20-Dec-18 21:46:33

Had a look at some cosatto travel systems today as love the prints, build, and guarantee, but on the ones they had (giggle 2 and wow I think) the handles weren't adjustable and DH is very tall. I've seen that the giggle mix has an adjustable handle and I wondered if anyone has one and knows the maximum handle height? Or if anyone has seen them in a physical shop where we can try them out, that would be great too smile thanks in advance!

VI0LET Thu 20-Dec-18 22:08:27

If you look at giggle mix images you can see that it has a telescopic handle and a carrycot that converts into a seat. So the space for the baby's legs is quite short If you have a long toddler. Which often happens if you have a tall DH!

If you want the cosaatto for the prints , get the Wow as it has a bigger seat, a telescopic handle and a seperate carrycot. This means the chair is bigger and the footrest is adjustable, which is better for younger babies.

But it’s a lot more money .

Triskaidekaphilia Thu 20-Dec-18 22:37:40

That's really helpful thank you. The wow will probably be out of our price range unless it goes on sale, but might look at other brands, a long legged baby is likely as I'm reasonably tall too!

VI0LET Thu 20-Dec-18 23:19:37

Think about the length of the footrest but also if the seat frame has metal at the bottom, it will stick out more and hit the baby’s legs , if they are longer. It will hit the back of calves or ankles and be uncomfortable.

Travel systems with a removable seat often have smaller seats with a shorter back . So not ideal for tall babies.

With a front facing only buggy, the seat wraps around the frame and it’s bigger, so better for a tall child. But not good for a baby as they don’t rear face.

When your baby is older Jogging buggies are good as they are tall and have a weight capacity of 60-75lbs. You won’t get a fancy print on these though, they are usually black or navy.

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