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hanging teepee baby basket thingy

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jennifersofia Sun 24-Jun-07 15:15:01

I saw one of these once and cannot remember the name of it. It isn't the Amby, but there is a basket hanging from a wooden tripod, which can be covered (I think) with a little tent of unbleached canvas. Anybody know what this is?

kittywits Sun 24-Jun-07 22:48:26

Hi, the Amby hangs from a triangular shaped frame, but I do 't think there are any 'covers' for it. They are great, I highly recommend them if you are thinking about getting one.

jennifersofia Sun 24-Jun-07 23:02:41

Thanks for responding, it isn't the Amby though that I saw, but something else.

bagpuss Sun 24-Jun-07 23:02:50


Piffle Sun 24-Jun-07 23:05:47

here scroll down


Piffle Sun 24-Jun-07 23:05:58

yep leander

jennifersofia Mon 25-Jun-07 00:06:32

ooh you are good. Just the thing I was thinking about. Thanks!

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