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Swan slow cooker: type P62, 2.5 litres, 115W. Anyone have the instructions?

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eemie Tue 31-Aug-04 18:40:01

My sister hasn't used it in over 10 years so has given it to me, but without the instructions. Can anyone help? I'm hoping it will help me to reorganise my life, plan menus, budget, save power, become a domestic goddess etc...

jasper Tue 31-Aug-04 19:54:43

The main to remember about a slow cookeris that you heat the food you are going to cook in a normal pan and bring it up to a simmering temp before transferring it to the slow cooker , ie don't put cold ingredients in it and expect it to heat it up to boiling.

Mine has two heat settings. One simmers casseroles or whatever in about two or three hours ( the hotter setting) and the cooler one can be safely left for about 6 or 8 hours. It is possible tio burn things at the hot setting but not likely at the cooler one.
One other thing - best to more or less fill it rather than cook with it half full.
They are great for parties - you can make a massive pot of say chilli and have it simmering away on a low heat all evening till you are ready to eat.

eemie Wed 01-Sep-04 15:56:51

Thanks Jasper - but there are some one-pot types aren't there? Quite a few of the recipes I've seen, including on Mumsnet, do start from cold, but take longer ie 8 hours, or overnight till lunchtime next day.

Like the party idea.

AuntyQuated Wed 01-Sep-04 16:45:04

i put all my stuff in cold in the morning for dinner that night, meat always lovely and tender but chicken can go a bit chalky.
mine is a swan, will go and look.

AuntyQuated Wed 01-Sep-04 16:46:59

yes it is type P62, 2.5 litres, 115W.
Ok - will now look for instructions

Pagan Wed 01-Sep-04 16:57:43

I've had two different ones and with each the recipies that came with the instruction book were almost exactly the same so if you can pick up any other instructions they should pretty much do the trick. I always put stuff in cold and just leave it on low for hours. Meat on the bone is particularly good. One of my most simple meals is a piece of ham, add one tin of peaches plus the juice. Leave to cook on low and voila, instant delicious peachy ham.

AuntyQuated Wed 01-Sep-04 17:05:23

ooo, pagan, that sounds ggod...i'm satrving and have nothing in and can't be bothered. chippy here we caome
oh, sorry, haven't looked for instructions yet.

AuntyQuated Wed 01-Sep-04 17:08:20

yeah, i've got them in my hand. i've CATed you, eemie

eemie Thu 02-Sep-04 09:40:28

Thanks a million.

AuntyQuated Thu 02-Sep-04 09:42:20

eemie, Carrie has emailed me to say that you don't want to be CATed so you will need to either CAT me or change your setting thingy.

eemie Thu 02-Sep-04 18:47:58

Thanks again. CATed you yesterday and will change my settings as well

auntyquated Wed 15-Sep-04 14:05:45

they're on their way eemie

bhmum Thu 15-Dec-11 12:00:44

Hello. I'm also looking for an intruction book for a Swan 2.5 litre slow cooker. Please could you send me a copy? Thanks.

HerlockSholmes Sun 24-Nov-13 08:03:42

sorry for reviving an old thread, my aunt recently gave me this model of slow cooker, i was mainly just wondering if i am suppposed to preheat it? the new recipe book i have says to consult the instructions but of course i have none.

also, if i have say, 4 chicken breasts in it, if they are overlapping will they still cook ok? it is quite small.


lazycook Mon 06-Apr-15 10:49:46

Hi AuntyQuated Wed 01-Sep-04 17:08:20. I was looking for Swan p62 slow cooker Manual ad stumbled on your post, Would it be possible for you to email this to me. Many thanks

kerryellmc Wed 30-Jan-19 20:25:28

Hiya I am also looking for the instruction manual for the P62 swan slow cooker please if you could email them to me

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