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Help - BabyDan highchair owners!

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GuernseyCow Wed 20-Jun-07 22:40:02

As a novice mother of 6mo DD who is just progressing to a high chair, can anyone tell me how I get said baby into the BabyDan highchair without breaking her legs? It doesn't seem to have an easily removable front bar, and if the seat is a comfy height for her, her legs don't bend easily when putting her in or out. We inherited the chair from a friend of a friend so I could buy a new one I just fear I am being very stupid...

lorisparkle Thu 21-Jun-07 10:25:59

Don't know much about BabyDan highchairs but if you do decide to buy a new one, and are doing BLW, then go for the IKEA one. It is only £15 or so, really easy to clean and my lo loves his! We were given an all singing all dancing one but food just got EVERYWHERE!!!

hippopowell Thu 21-Jun-07 19:08:21

Couldn't agree more. We had a Baby Dan & sold it as I thought it was just rubbish. The fabric covered foam seat cover got messed on every meal, so was either in the wash or only lasted 1 meal on the chair. My DD sat terribly in it, slouched all over the place & sliding down & I also thought it was hard to get her in & out without hurting her legs & terrible to clean. Got the white one from IKEA £15. It is brilliant. Doddle to clean, no fabric to get stained & messed on , she sits so much better in it & it can come up to the table like Baby Dan or there is a tray you can get if you want & easier to get in & out! HTH

tortoiseSHELL Thu 21-Jun-07 19:10:14

We don't have a fabric seat cover, and I love the Baby Dan one. Sounds like the bar is too tight - I think you have to move it forward a bit. We don't have any problems with ds2, he is 13 months.

GuernseyCow Thu 21-Jun-07 21:29:39

The Ikea chair sounds like a winner. We'll try loosening the bar (thx Tortoiseshell) but if that doesn't work we'll go for that as an alternative. Thank you!

tortoiseSHELL Thu 21-Jun-07 21:33:35

I think what you have to do is to take the top off, then move the bar onto a wider setting then put the top back on.

Jojay Thu 21-Jun-07 21:35:00

I have the Baby Dan one too, and it's great!!

The bar across the front has several setings - we have it on the loosest, and don't use the seat cushion, just the back cushion, so his legs can slifde in easily, IYSWIM. The first couple of times it seemed a bit awkward but within a few days it was second nature for ds and me.

I didn't like the Ikea one - DS kept clonking his head on the high back. I'm sure if you play around with teh adjustments on your Baby Dan, you'll work it out.

ScotGirl Fri 22-Jun-07 20:16:36

I LOVE my Babydan too. My ds is a large 15 mths and he has always had the bar in the second holes.

I too struggled at first - ds only being 7mths I had the bar in the first hole and I nearly broke his legs trying to get him in and out - it was a terrible experience.

So - make sure that the bar is at least on the second lot of holes. To get him in the knack is to stand him on the seat and then guide each food down one at a time - if he is wearing shoes they might catch on the seat pad so you might need to pull it back. To get him out you have to stand to one side over him, put one food on the base of the high chair so it doesn't lift up with him and lift him out vertically..

I've made this sound an awful faff which it isn't really - it is second nature to me now. Stick with the high chair - by next week you will love it.

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