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Tracy Island - on sale ANYWHERE???

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AllBuggiedOut Tue 19-Jun-07 21:56:36

Does anybody know if you can still buy the Thuderbirds Tracy Island set (and the vehicles) anywhere? Have looked everywhere I can think of online (Woolies, Argos, Mailorderexpress, John Lewis etc etc) and locally but no joy.


lucykate Tue 19-Jun-07 21:57:16

ebay, saw one last week under vintage toys

AllBuggiedOut Tue 19-Jun-07 22:04:20

Can only find some of the bits new on ebay, and really would like to buy the whole lot together and new - but fear it is discontinued now

Pinkchampagne Tue 19-Jun-07 22:05:21

Do Woolworths not sell them anymore?

JackieNo Tue 19-Jun-07 22:06:16

Not this then?

lucykate Tue 19-Jun-07 22:06:24

i think it is discontinued. keep trying ebay, someone is bound to put the whole lot up as a job lot.

put an ad on here in the wanted section, there may be a ds whose outgrown theirs and willing to sell

cornsilk Tue 19-Jun-07 22:06:37

Toys R Us had loads in fairly recently.

UCM Tue 19-Jun-07 22:07:09

Couldn't you make it?

lucykate Tue 19-Jun-07 22:07:35

maybe not discontinued then after all

Posey Tue 19-Jun-07 22:07:59

Our Woolies have them at the mo, on sale for.....


Posey Tue 19-Jun-07 22:14:55

And Argos. "Look here "

Posey Tue 19-Jun-07 22:16:05

Sorry didn't see the Argos link already!

AllBuggiedOut Tue 19-Jun-07 22:25:08

The Argos one is out of stock at all my local stores, and I phoned customer services to ask where they did have it and they couldn't tell me. Also no vehicles.

Which Woolies, Posey?

Ecmo Tue 19-Jun-07 22:28:53

As far as I know the recent ones dont come with vehicles have to get them individually.. mind you our set is about 7 years old i think

AllBuggiedOut Tue 19-Jun-07 22:29:54

Cornsilk - which Toys r Us? Again, nothing on the website.

May have to resort to making one UCM

AllBuggiedOut Tue 19-Jun-07 22:30:46

No, I'm sure you have to buy the vehicles separately, but need to source both at the same time as don't want to be stuck with Island and nothing to go in it!

eucalyptus Tue 19-Jun-07 22:44:21

Argos had them last winter - may well have them again this year ready for Christmas

cornsilk Tue 19-Jun-07 22:45:31

I saw them in Altrincham Toys R us in Manchester

allieBongo Tue 19-Jun-07 22:48:24

i have this one if you don't mind 2nd hand and some vehicles etc to accompany it? ds no longer plays with and it is in good condition

AllBuggiedOut Wed 20-Jun-07 09:44:16

Thanks allie - I am hoping for new as it's a birthday present but it's a kind offer and much more appealing that trying to make one!

Posey Wed 20-Jun-07 13:53:31

It was Woolies in Islington, North London. But it doesn't come with the vehicles. We got those seperately from Argos and they don't appear to be in this season's catalogue

AllBuggiedOut Wed 20-Jun-07 14:04:01

Thanks Posey. Will keep on looking!

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