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Double pram

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bumblebee39 Sun 14-Oct-18 05:05:14

For a nearly 2 year old and a newborn. Had a look at Phil and teds but they don't look that sturdy and are so expensive! Help! Xx

Monty27 Sun 14-Oct-18 05:15:55

Don't know what the product is but if it's a wide pram public transport will be a problem as will shopping.
Maybe a sling for nb and a light buggy for the toddler?

bumblebee39 Sun 14-Oct-18 08:43:07

I spent more time in physio and the osteopath than successfully baby wearing in the past! I'm really small and have big babies! I do love a light weight stroller though. Definitely don't want anything too wide, the Phil and teds they're kind of stacked on top of each other but it looks uncomfortable! Xx

bumblebee39 Sun 14-Oct-18 08:45:09

Might get a double one for days out (park, beach, splash pool etc.) in the summer and try some baby wearing too. My toddler is a brilliant walker already so I'm sure he could cope with short trips and a ride in the trolley by the time new baby comes along! Xx

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