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Jusonne Othelo Tandem Buggy, has anyone got one?

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Shoshable Wed 13-Jun-07 21:51:54

looking at one, as I have a Zafira and as a CM often have to have all 7 seats up, how small does the buggy go does anyone know.

Shoshable Thu 14-Jun-07 07:23:32


ernest Thu 14-Jun-07 07:35:03

the folded measurments are here

no idea re Zafira, but I doubt you'd get much smaller than that. It's basically like one of those Marco sky things isn't it?

Shoshable Thu 14-Jun-07 07:37:34

Thanks ernest it has been a nightmare getting one thatis smaller enough and dosnt weigh a ton, I cant have a side by side cos I cant get through the school gate with ine, how mad is that!

mumlove Thu 14-Jun-07 07:57:55

Shosha I am waiting for the second hand Phil & teds to come down in price now the new one is out as that fits in the back with all the seats up, just need to take off the wheels and there is still room for some bags.

Shoshable Thu 14-Jun-07 08:36:58

Hi Mumlove, must admit dont like the phil and teds, just dont like the idea of the bottom seat, I know everyone tells me they are great, but, still feel thatthe child that low will just get all the exhust fumes and everything else straight at them, and they just look so cloustrophobic, guess ok for one that walks at times but this is fot a 7 months and a 14 month who cant walk yet.

ernest Thu 14-Jun-07 11:56:15

mumlove, I've got a 2nd hand one (P&T) if you want.

mumlove Fri 15-Jun-07 13:22:16

ernest what is your p&t like?

ernest Fri 15-Jun-07 23:01:35

Older model navy blue, good condition, got doubles kit, single & double rainvocer, a navy cosy toes....

mumlove Mon 18-Jun-07 14:14:44

Thankyou for the info, but have managed to get one locally.

Anonymama Tue 19-Jun-07 12:37:42

ernest, whereabouts are you? might be interested.

kyladaleon Tue 19-Jun-07 14:30:20

does anyone no ware i could get a jusonne othelo pushchair from? im in the manchester area thanks

Tigerlion Mon 25-Jun-07 14:31:58

You can either get the Othello from the Jusonne website and it comes under "Twins and More". It costs around £160. Otherwise try Ebay as a friend of mine got hers there and as they came on the market only a few months ago, secondhand ones are in great condition.

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