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Toys for an inquisitive 6 month old!

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ames Mon 29-Jul-02 20:42:24

DD is now 6mth and judging by her expression today is well and truly fed up with rattle type toys. She sits up, rolls round the room and is nearly crawling. I've got playmats (just rolls off them) and gyms (just whacks them till the activities fall off) Any ideas for bigger toys that she could sit up and we could play with together (she likes the pop up lid on the wipes box and can push it back down) Also any good websites for baby toys?

maryz Mon 29-Jul-02 21:01:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bozza Mon 29-Jul-02 21:26:34

Agree with Maryz my DS at that age loved a plastic tea strainer! However you could try one of those pop-up toys - four boxes in a row and you push a button, slide a lever etc and an animal pops out, or a soft ball with a bell inside that you can roll to each other which will last a while for kicking, throwing etc. DS also liked fabric books with squeaks, rattles etc inside at that age.

jodee Mon 29-Jul-02 22:07:38

Ames, under the Parenting topic, there is a thread called 'Your Best Non Toys', you should find lots of ideas there. DS is now 2 1/4 and still has great fun playing with the clothes pegs.

AnnieMo Tue 30-Jul-02 19:59:40

Pegs are definitely my DS's favourite toy - when I a trying to cook the tea and he is bored and whinging and clinging to my leg! - I give him two plastic boxes and a pile of pegs - he loves transferring them from one box to another and putting lids on and off - bliss

MandyD Thu 01-Aug-02 19:25:02

How about something musical? This link (sorry I can't do them properly!) will show you what was my son's favourite toy at 6 months:

We velcro'd it to the tray of his babywalker (I know, I know...!) but you could also use it on a highchair tray.

threeangels Thu 01-Aug-02 20:11:29

What about those bead toys sometimes known as busy beads. Children love to slide those thick colorful wooden beads all over. Its a great toy to entertain a small child in one spot for a while.

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