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What do you love/hate about your kitchen sink

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Wills Mon 11-Jun-07 13:31:50

I'm currently putting together my new kitchen. I really hadn't realised that there was soooo much choice out there. So what's a useful feature and whats useless or simply a gimick not worth going near. Can you really go far wrong with a one half sink in stainless steel with a draining board (what I currently have)

Crocky Mon 11-Jun-07 13:33:53

Avoid white at all costs.

Cammelia Mon 11-Jun-07 13:34:22

I really like my double sink, I use one for washing veg (has a filter plug to catch the veg peelings) and the other for washing up.

Stainless steel.
Shines up beautifully with a brillo pad.

nannyogg Mon 11-Jun-07 13:35:38

Ours is round, with a round draining board..Don't go there.

It's too small and you can't get drainers to fit.

nomdeplume Mon 11-Jun-07 13:35:53

don't get porcelain ones if you have a titanium ring, they get very scratched (as my basins will tell you)

Crocky Mon 11-Jun-07 13:36:34

What's a titanium ring??

hana Mon 11-Jun-07 13:36:55

we have a white double sink from ikea - love it
never stains
never scratches
v v nice!

think it's porcelain

Blackduck Mon 11-Jun-07 13:38:46

White - avoid - stains....... give me back my old stainless steel one....
STupid bl**dy plugs that supposedly go up and down by turning a knob - it doesn't...

nomdeplume Mon 11-Jun-07 13:41:26

a ring made of titanium


like a wedding ring or another piece of jewellery

hana Mon 11-Jun-07 13:42:50

the porcelain doesn't stain!

Crocky Mon 11-Jun-07 13:43:53

Ahh, was thinking it was something you were cooking with that you had to wash after

Twiglett Mon 11-Jun-07 13:44:07

avoid white it stains, even if you bleach it it gets to a stage where its still stained <arrggghh>
think carefully about black if you live in a limescale area
stainless steel scratches but that can look nice

wish I'd gone with stainless steel now

get a sink big enough to fit an oven tray in .. nothing more annoying

an extra half-sink is an optional extra (not important IMO)

a great tap is a good investment

draining board necessary ..

expatinscotland Mon 11-Jun-07 13:44:44

Avoid white.

brimfull Mon 11-Jun-07 13:47:57

My sink is a stainless steel 11/2 which I have no problems with.

I do however get pissed off with my tap .It is one of these high curved ones,so the water flows from a great height and splashes all over the place.Wish I'd chosen a different tap.

ComeOVeneer Mon 11-Jun-07 13:50:42

I second avoid white, especially plastic I have one and have to bleach it constantly. I have a lovely new 1.5 stainless sink in the garage waiting to go into my new kitchen with afab tape with an extendable hose and shower type head.

Twiglett Mon 11-Jun-07 14:18:33

we have a white franke fragranite (99% granite) sink

it was not cheap

avoid like the plague

madmarchhare Mon 11-Jun-07 14:21:27

My mum has a black one, very nice. she says its easy to clean and am considering it myself. It also has a fabfo waste disposal type thing

madmarchhare Mon 11-Jun-07 14:21:49

fabbo noy fabfo

madmarchhare Mon 11-Jun-07 14:22:02


mytwocents Mon 11-Jun-07 14:38:07

wood around it NEVER again....

noddyholder Mon 11-Jun-07 14:40:35

Have square franke belfast style stainless steel sink and it is great No scratches really and quite deep but wish I had gone for the bigger one but have sold the house now so doesn't matter.Agree re white looks lovely but stains

TartanKnickers Mon 11-Jun-07 14:43:29

I have this one .

It's fab - well as fab as a kitchen sink can be . In the corner out of the way - doesn't take up a huge amount of space.

iota Mon 11-Jun-07 14:44:25

I have a Franke stainless steel 1.5 bowl sink in my new kitchen. It is a vast improvement on the nasty so-called white one that it replaced

stinkymalinki Mon 11-Jun-07 14:49:29

We have a white enamel one - love it, looks fab and always comes up sparkling clean, but can get scratched with our metal saucepans (the marks do always bleach out though). Our old stainless steel one looked awful, really stained and water-marked despite all my efforts, but we live in a very hard water area!

geekgrrl Mon 11-Jun-07 14:53:13

well, I simply adore our insinkerator - it's a garbage disposal system and is just fab - any leftovers on plates you just scrape into the sink, shove them down the plughole with the brush and switch on the insinkerator.

We don't have wheeliebins here and have to store our full bin bags in the utility room so this really helps.

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