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Parcel2go and hermes -shite- lite rate your experience

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Munkeemummee Tue 11-Sep-18 07:11:09

I am so fed up. Every time I book a collection from parcel2go for their Hermes Large and Light service.. the courier never turns up. P2g blame hermes and hermes blame p2g.
I have had to book about 15 things over the past year.. and each and every one has taken day after day of waiting in (8am to 8pm) for a courier who never turns up and then it being my responsibility to rebook it for the next day.. to sit at home and wait for them not to turn up.
When the courier does turn up he says that it was only booked in that day.. so who is lying and why are they getting away with this atrocious service?
Btw - the p2g and HL service is cheaper than the next available by about 50% so when I get online chatting - they say that no service is guaranteed (taking my money is obviously) and would I like to cancel and rebook in with a far more expensive service?

I can guarantee that tomorrow the courier will turn up when I do the school run.. 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Oh and I live in the wilds of just north of the m25...

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