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How do I remove ready-mix paint marks from clothes???

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Branster Thu 19-Aug-04 21:30:20

DD absolutely loves painting and it is almost a daily activity for us. I use ready-mix paint the type you buy from ELC or Woolworth. Although now I have put aside a set of clothes to be used only for painting, yesterday I couldn't be bothered to change her before starting and one of her nicest top and trousers now have paint marks all over them. I tried Oxiclean and it made no difference. The stains are still there. What can I use to get them clean again (and my white pair of trousers, yes I was stupid enough to wear them at the time!!!)??? I cannot use bleach because of the coulour and type of fabrics and Fairy liquid did not work either.

Any suggestions much appreciated.


zaphod Thu 19-Aug-04 22:38:37

I work in a playschool, and I have to tell you that some ready mix paint is impossible to remove. There is a brand which IS washable, but I can't remember the name. I know they all claim to be, but they lie. When I go back to work I will get the brand name of the washable paint for you. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

juniper68 Thu 19-Aug-04 23:15:53

I know a mate swears by milk. She pours it on b4 washing?? It's inexpensive and worth a try I suppose.

jampot Thu 19-Aug-04 23:46:17

We use Vanish Oxy-Action and it gets loads of marks out of clothes - worth a try.

Branster Thu 26-Aug-04 20:44:50

Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

It became a bit of a personal challenge this problem so I used various cleaning products (biological washing powder, fairy liquid, vanish soap bar, oxi-clean granules, a variety of carpet cleaners -Yep- and tried the milk as well) individually but no result whatsoever.

BUT I've done it at last!!!

For anyone interested: to remove paint, soak the the item of clothing in water first, then use an equally great amount of fairy washing-up liquid, oxi-clean granules and rubbing. Alternate between these several times and you'll get 100% result. I should add that I used this method on cotton only clothes. Presumably the type of fabric and colourfastness would alter the result and it may well lead to further and serious damage to the fabric but after all it's worth a try if you've got nothing better to do (like me ). I didn't bother with my white trousers because they're made of a delicate fabric and am bored with them anyway so it's not worth the effort. But one of DD's white tops had a black paint mark on it and now it's clean. Luckly the mark was not on the embroydered part of the top otherwise it might not have been that easy to remove it. But it's all over now and I'm happy.

Just re-read all this and I sound like a really boring housewife. I'll go and do something wild now to sit down and do a crossword

Branster Thu 26-Aug-04 20:58:01

Obviously nobody is impressed with my discovery...

neveradullmoment99 Wed 16-May-18 23:54:44

I am. Although its a zombie thread i want to place mark to try 😁

Watchaa Wed 17-Apr-19 11:11:07

I have tried your tip and it worked like magic, thank you

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