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Help... which highchair do I buy??? Tripp Trapp or Svan???

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snuffle Mon 04-Jun-07 18:51:07

Its time to buy my DDs highchair and am a little unsure which to buy.
I was intent on buying the Tripp Trapp but have now seen the Svan and would like to know whether anyone out there uses or has used either of them and what your views are.
As with everything there are things on both that I like and dislike but thought the best way to get a fair rating on both the TT and Svan was to 'ask the experts' so over to you....

alex8 Mon 04-Jun-07 18:54:06

wow those are very pricey. Mine cost £11!

Not as expensive as this one though

familygirl Mon 04-Jun-07 18:58:26

No real advice to make a decision between them, but just a warning...friend's child broke her skull (she's ok now) by kicking against table when in Tripptrapp and it tipped backwards. The Sven looks like it might be a bit more stable, but not sure. Sorry if that doesn't help much, but it's the kind of thing I'd like to know

belgo Mon 04-Jun-07 19:01:04

yes the trip trap can tip over; We like it though. also the base of it sticks out and is so easy to trip over

I saw the mozzee in a shop the other day, it looks great, and comfortable. If I were choosing now, I would go for that.

lovedandadored Mon 04-Jun-07 21:02:05

we have 2 tripp trapps - first one has been used for 4 years - i cannot recommend it highly enough. it's funny as what i like about it is it's sturdyness and my dd has (touch wood) never had an accident in hers. due to the angle of it's legs it doesn't seem like it could tip easily. i really can't think of any dislikes - overall a brilliant highchair - i do like the look of the svan aswell but one comment about the mozzee - i haven't studied it but how would the child get in and out of the chair? - with the tripp trapp the foot rest allows toddlers to climb in and out of the chair themselves which is very handy. we also have the stokke sitti (which they sell on - it is also a great chair for kids - unfortunatley they don't sell it in the uk as a highchair - in some european countries you can get the baby accessories for it. if you check out the backinaction website they also have the svan and they do a price promise.

amazonianwoman Tue 05-Jun-07 09:25:40

Love our Tripp Trapp, so does DD (almost 3). Never had any safety issues with it, she does push herself backwards on it by pushing legs against table, but we have tiled/wooden floors so it just slides.

Love it so much I'll be buying another one for DS soon

Nbg Tue 05-Jun-07 09:28:27

Theres a Tripp Trapp copy in Tchibo atm for £39.

oooggs Tue 05-Jun-07 09:29:43

love our tripp trapp, ds has used it for 3 years no probs and I have just bought another as now have dt's.

Sunshinemummy Tue 05-Jun-07 09:31:38

Another vote for the Tripp Trapp and DS has never had an accident in his. It looks good, sits right up to the table so he feels like he's eating with us and is comfortable. I like the look of the Mozee though. We also have the Handysitt which we keep in the car for when we're out. It's great and would be particularly good if you didn't have much space.

snuffle Tue 05-Jun-07 09:48:43

Am a little confused now over the TT, seems some people have had problems with it tipping/sliding??? We have carpet so when you say is slides on your wooden floors I am under the impression that it would tip over on carpet?
Argh, why is buying such an important piece of equipment for my DD so difficult?

thehairybabysmum Tue 05-Jun-07 09:56:35

We have the trip trap and its fab...ds doesnt seem to be able to tip it up, unlike other chairs he has been in. I also think that the legs dont stick out v. much so i dont fall over them...unlike ikea one we have at grandparents house (also good but not as good as trip trap).

They have one of those mozzee chairs in my hairdressers and i tried to put ds in it when he was about a year old...the curved shape of it and the smotth plastic meant he just slid down. There was a harness but this didnt stop the slippage, ds didnt like it as he was v. slumped and uncomfortable, he ended up with his armpits hanging on the tray. Wouldnt have been good for feeding i dont think. I defo wouldnt buy this one, shame as it does look fab!

hana Tue 05-Jun-07 10:13:41

we have 2 tripp trapps for the older 2, and will get a 3rd one soon for dd3. They are great - and there are lots of threads asking this very question!
we've never had a problem with it tipping or falling over, we have wooden floors.

the tchibo one isn't great -it may look great and is cheap, but it's poorly constructed. A friend had one for her ds when he was ready for a highchair and she's been v disappointed, and has recently bought a tripp trapp .......I didn't say 'I told you so'

Ali5 Tue 05-Jun-07 10:19:08

Another vote for trip trap. No probs with tipping - but ds not big enough to do it yet I guess.

booge Tue 05-Jun-07 10:27:46

We love our trip traps. Both DS (2) and dd (been using hers since 6 months). DS does tip chairs so we put him between the table and the wall so he can't go right back.

lovedandadored Tue 05-Jun-07 12:50:28

snuffle - regarding your concerns with safety - i genuinly do not think that the tripp trapp is easy to tip over (we had our first one on carpet for a year with no probs)- i know when you hear about a horrible accident it can be off putting but there is probably not a chair out there that a child or adult has not had an accident in. from what i can see the majority of people have good experiences with their tripp trapp - this is why so many end up buying more than one. if it is that much of a worry for you, the other option is to buy a free standing highchair with a tray but then your lo will eventually be old enough to sit at the table one day and will no doubt fall off his or her chair at some time or another as my dd does sometimes in her clumsyness!

lovedandadored Tue 05-Jun-07 18:34:00

i was just looking on the gltc website and they have svans discounted to £139 - don't know if this is good or not but you can use the mn discount and they come to £136 (which incl the p&p)

snuffle Wed 06-Jun-07 10:22:21

Thanks for your help everyone, we have found a local supplier of the Svan so intend on having a play with it in their shop, we have already seen the TT and done the same so feel its the right thing to do before deciding. It may look good on paper, but until you get to have a hands on with something its difficult to know whether its good or bad.
We will take all your comments on board and thanks for the info re price.

GibbonInARibbon Wed 06-Jun-07 10:23:11

I love my Svan

GibbonInARibbon Wed 06-Jun-07 10:24:56

£136 - excellent price

Caroline1852 Thu 07-Jun-07 10:39:56

I bought a tripp trapp about a year ago for my DD (18 months now). I love it and will be looking for another one very soon as I am expecting another baby next month. A friend with 4 year old twins still uses her two tripp trapps. They are quite exepensive but seem to wear very well and sell on ebay and the like for almost the same as the new price...... the outlay is therefore only temporary.

Caroline1852 Thu 07-Jun-07 10:43:09

Meant to say, that I have never had any problems with tipping and we have waxed wooden floors. I have stubbed my toe on it a few times, walking to the fridge, but I am heavily pregnant and clumsy.

Natasha0307 Mon 13-Aug-07 17:45:47

Just been reading this as I'm having the same dilemma - Tripp Trapp vs Svan high-chair.

There are some interesting comments in the backintoaction website, which seems to suggest the Tripp Trapp is better.

They also mention the tray for the Tripp Trapp, which is called Clic Clac from eBay.

Teaandcake Tue 14-Aug-07 11:16:45

Another vote for the Tripp Trapp here. V simple and easy to clean. Will also last for many years to come. It also comes with a 7 year warranty. We use them as adult chairs where I work. My DS loves it.

I always thought the Svan was v wobbly. I think all bits come in one price now, they used to sell it all separately (tray etc).

The Mozzee looks fab but has absolutely no support and babies just slide out of the bottom. No foot support either. The tray also just falls off if you look at it the wrong way! I don't know how they justify the exorbitant price tag.

MaloryTowersHasManners Tue 14-Aug-07 11:18:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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