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Slings and carriers. Some advice PLEASE!

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JennsterSlugSlayer Sun 03-Jun-07 15:30:33

Hello folks. No.2 due in 7 weeks, and I am thinking of using a sling. With dd who is 17 months, I used a Premaxx babybag which was fine upto 5-6 months, but when she was sitting, I couldn't adjust it short enough to support her safely.

My reasons for wanting a sling are

i) I'd like to bf on the move which I couldn't do with the baby bag

ii) think the tie on slings would be cooler in the summer than the babybag which I used in winter

iii) will need a pair of hands to look after dd at the same time.

Thankyou in advance, and I won't be back online until later this evening.

FrannyandZooey Sun 03-Jun-07 15:35:45

Huggababy enables you to bf on the move, plus can go handsfree to some extent when used to it, and from 5 months or so they can sit up on your hip as it has a large range of adjustment

I used mine until after ds was 2

It isn't particularly cool, that is the only thing

I have seen special summer fabrics in some slings, someone may be along to advise, but I would definitely say go for a ring sling

bumperlicious Sun 03-Jun-07 15:47:02

Can't make a personal recommendation yet, but I and another due in Juner have ordered one of these. Looks fab, though won't arrive till the end of the month (if the baby has even arrived then!). Sputnik (the other due in Juner) also managed to negotiate a MN discount so I paid $108 CD (about £51) which includes international shipping. Probably not that helpful to you without a personal recommendation but I think it looks fab, and Sputnik has received hers already and says it looks the business.

JennsterSlugSlayer Sun 03-Jun-07 20:30:56

Thankyou FaZ and Bumper. I'm not too worried about ME getting warm so the ring sling is a good choice? Anybody else with experience of them? How difficult are they to actually tie on? Am I likely to get dh to wear it?

CorrieDale Sun 03-Jun-07 20:41:03

I've got a rebozo and a hugabub. The rebozo is a short wrap, which you knot - I can see it getting less comfortable as baby gets bigger and will probably only use it during the summer if it's like last year. The Hugabub is truly hands-free but there's more fabric so it's warmer to wear. Not sure if I'll be able to bf in either of them - from the research I've done, it seems to me that it's nork size that is crucial to this, rather than sling type - but will report back once DB arrives. Bumperlicious's sling looks gorgeous BTW! And £51 is pretty good value, I think, for it. The Hugabub is about the same price.

JennsterSlugSlayer Sun 03-Jun-07 20:54:39

Oh! That's disappointing. Norks are much bigger than when I got pregnant FIRST time, but they aren't what you would ever describe as pendulous. Had trouble feeding dd while I was lying down without supporting dd on a pillow which I know you aren't meant to do but she was just too low.

SoupDragon Sun 03-Jun-07 20:59:01

I still carry DD in her Coorie (or Kimmer for summer) and she's 16 months. She sits in it on my hip. Virtually idiot proof too.

FrannyandZooey Sun 03-Jun-07 21:05:02

With the Huggababy you can adjust the height of the baby quite easily so I don't see what difference your breast size would make

My dp wasn't keen but I have seen men wearing them. When ds was about 1 we got a back carrier and dp (and ds) adored that. i think the image of a sling was just too earth mother ish for dp.

The huggababy is so easy to tie and wear. I am a complete klutz at complicated things but you can't really get this wrong. It is just confidence really and that comes with practice.

Psychobabble Sun 03-Jun-07 21:27:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FrannyandZooey Sun 03-Jun-07 21:34:33

I sat and breastfed ds in a smart restaurant wearing a Huggababy and no-one was any the wiser He was about 6 m o and it was lovely to have a quiet relaxed meal with him there

JennsterSlugSlayer Sun 03-Jun-07 21:47:15

Ring Slings - Huggababy?
Wrap Slings - Huggabub?

nachomama Sun 03-Jun-07 21:47:28

I have tried about a zillion slings and carriers. We use our huggababy the most now, just because it's the easiest- I throw it on and plop LO in it. It isn't exactly cooling, but I don't know what is. We had a Wilkinet last summer with fabric especially for hot climates but it we got all hot and sweaty just getting the nipper in and situated. I have never tried BF with the sling because DS is an absolute terror (and has been from about 12 weeks when he got much better head control) for coming off and having a nose around when there is the slightest distraction. DH uses it quite happily and it's easily adjustable for both of us. So thumbs up for the ring sling. My huggababy is an organic cotton twill type of job and it feels much sturdier than some of the other cotton slings, but it's more breathable than the sturdy polyester slings. The one thing I would say is that you really always need to keep one hand on or at the ready when using the sling. Huggababy do sell a hip harness (about £7) if you want hands-free but that, to me negates the ease of use. HTH

JennsterSlugSlayer Sun 03-Jun-07 22:14:39

Anybody tried a tricotti? I'm liking the sound of the ease of use huggababy but would prefer to be able to be hands free.

kiskidee Fri 08-Jun-07 19:55:23

Calin Bleu has some cotton gauze wrap slings for summer. i haven't used them but they rate well on the At £37.50, i think they are reasonable too.

there is a website called slingmeet where you could hook up with slingwearers in your area who could show you the ins and outs of them. they are easy once you see how it is used but can feel intimidating just looking at the instructions.

kiskidee Fri 08-Jun-07 19:58:27

calin bleu

JennsterSlugSlayer Fri 08-Jun-07 20:52:58

Thanks Kiskidee. I've just bought a maya sling from another mner. They look pretty similar.

nadster Wed 18-Jul-07 18:26:58

if you're in london there is a sling show on 28th july in pimlico, near victoria where you will be able to see and try loads of different slings and get advice.

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