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Can you only buy GHD hair straighteners online?

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JoolsToo Sun 03-Jun-07 13:31:30

or can you buy them from a store? if so, which one?


PotatoOfDoom Sun 03-Jun-07 13:33:17

I thought some hairsalons sold them?

SuGaRCoAteDPoiSOn Sun 03-Jun-07 13:35:13

a lot of hair salons have them too

I got some called FH1 and they're just as good as GHD but half the price

I'll find the link if you're interested

JoolsToo Sun 03-Jun-07 20:32:35

ah thanks

Sugar I've heard quite a few others 'are as good as' ghd's but I'm not convinced!

Dogsby Sun 03-Jun-07 20:33:08

i alwyas wonder why

JoolsToo Sun 03-Jun-07 20:33:40

what why you can only get them online?

tis odd

Dogsby Sun 03-Jun-07 20:34:51

i was once told it was to do wiht safety htings

ViciousSquirrelSpotter Sun 03-Jun-07 20:35:14

I've seen some now that get to 230 degrees and are only £40

Aren't the great thing about GHD is the temperature? And if these others get to 230 are they going to be just as good?

Dogsby Sun 03-Jun-07 20:35:40

ill save oyu the expensive mistake

ONLY ghd s are the best

tiredemma Sun 03-Jun-07 20:36:33

its not just the temp- its the actual plates.

ViciousSquirrelSpotter Sun 03-Jun-07 20:37:39

What's so great about the plates? Ceramic?

(These other ones are too, can't remember what make they are though)

I had GHD's once and trod on them

JoolsToo Sun 03-Jun-07 20:51:53

hmm yes was tempted to try cheaper version but is it false economy?

that seems to be the consensus

thelittleElf Sun 03-Jun-07 20:54:20

GHD's are great, but make sure you use a protective spray with it! They are WELL worth the money

Pinkchampagne Sun 03-Jun-07 20:57:43

You can buy them from the hair salons, but not sure where else you can pick them up, other than online

schnapps Sun 03-Jun-07 20:57:56

You can get them from the 'trendy' hair salons. I got mine from toni & guy.

Smurfgirl Sun 03-Jun-07 21:05:10

Mine are from Toni and Guy.

MrsSpoon Sun 03-Jun-07 21:09:34

I got mine from my hairdresser too, however at the time I saw they had some 'older generation' GHDs in Superdrug, I mentioned this to my hairdresser, she felt it "wasn't right, they are not supposed to be selling them" and when I went in a couple of days later they were gone, not sure if my hairdresser had managed to get them removed or if they were just such a good bargain they were all sold out.

RubberDuck Sun 03-Jun-07 21:10:04

According to my hairdresser FHIs are far superior and cheaper. They go hotter, have an adjustable temperature dial (which I think GHDs don't have?), and can be used wet to dry (which GHDs say you shouldn't do). They're high quality plates just like GHDs and they survive some pretty robust usage from her (how many posts have you read about GHDs breaking just after a year or two years of use and people talking about they HAD to replace them straight away with another set - how good can they be if they break that easily?!).

FHIs now outsell the GHDs at her trade-only suppliers.

I think GHDs were the cutting edge a few years ago, but it's a little unlikely to suggest that other companies would never surpass them, to be honest. I do think they trade a lot on their reputation and have a suitable mark up accordingly.

Tinker Sun 03-Jun-07 21:15:13

Yes, keep getting tempted by these FHIs. Even my hairdresser, who uses ghds, admitted that teh technology must have been copied now. Agree, must be paying for the name with ghds (am also worried about false economies though)

Dogsby Sun 03-Jun-07 21:36:53

you can get them on line for £99 or so

Dogsby Sun 03-Jun-07 21:36:54

you can get them on line for £99 or so

ScottishMummy Sun 03-Jun-07 21:48:59

some beauty salons sell them too usually the clarins salon and good quality hairdresser etc

JoolsToo Sun 03-Jun-07 22:31:28

so who has had GHD's and FHI's

let's have a real comparison

Dogsby Sun 03-Jun-07 23:21:36

when it seemed mine were borken in bermuda hd called form the other room" so how much ARe they then"
and i called back
" ahundred quid"
an d he said" oh well froget it theni wont try and fix them"

tee hee
he thought i was kidding

Pinkchampagne Sun 03-Jun-07 23:25:16

Never heard of FHI's! I think I need to know more!!

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