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NON FLAP , messenger ish style bag needed, pleeeease help me

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Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:20:30

I am useless at this, lots ofd lovely help yesterday and thought I had found it and then everyone put me off it
I hate red, b;ack is boring and NO FLAPS
It needs to fit a spare set of clothes for a baby and toddler, nappies for both, snacks drink, keys, purse, phone etc

Thankyou lovely people

misdee Sun 03-Jun-07 08:22:52

oh, shame black is boreing as i have a little company bag in black.

Nbg Sun 03-Jun-07 08:25:05

Oooo I have been looking at loads.

When you say no flaps, what do you mean exactly?
Do you just want it to be open at the top with a zip?

Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:25:15

could you link to a piccie of it?
I do have to stop being so fussy
I really hate red but maybe I could go with black if its perfect in other ways

<so fussy I'm even annoying myself emoticon>

Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:26:41

yeah I dont want to have to lift a flap before I can open a zip to get inside
when trying to hold 'flight risk' toddler between legs and baby in arms trying to fold back a massive flap just to get to zip is MORE than annoying

misdee Sun 03-Jun-07 08:30:00 i have one of those as well, but the black one is bigger, and you use cloth dont you? the black one is great for clothies as its very roomy. still looking for a pic of it.

Nbg Sun 03-Jun-07 08:30:16

But I think this has the flap?
not sure how much it would fit in
Nice print

Any good?

Nbg Sun 03-Jun-07 08:31:08

lol flight risk toddler

Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:35:14

misdee - sorry dont like that one

1. grrr flap but nice otherwise
2. looks a bit small...and <whispers> boring
3. slight weirddy flap ish bit

sorry, feel free to walk away and leave me to my own fussiness

misdee Sun 03-Jun-07 08:36:08

thats ok.

the black one is a shoulder bag, no flaps. still cant find a pic, i will upload one later on for you.

Nbg Sun 03-Jun-07 08:37:02


I dont mind. I'm fussy too.
Honestly I have been looking for ages and the only one I have found that I like is £60

Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:37:09

thanks misdee

Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:37:23

bummer nbg

misdee Sun 03-Jun-07 08:39:07

skip hop duo?

Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:39:48


misdee Sun 03-Jun-07 08:40:48

Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:48:15

who wants to buy me this then ?

I love it but too many pennies

Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:50:04



will it be big enough, does anyone have one, are they any good???? I LOVE IT

misdee Sun 03-Jun-07 08:50:30

boots selling it for £45, plus if you find codes can get 1000 points as well.

misdee Sun 03-Jun-07 08:51:14

i have one, it is big enough. honestly.

mine is full of crap lol.

Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:52:16

cant puch to 45 and never buy anything in boots anyway
I dont have the point card thingy
I can afford the ebay one

shall I, is it any good size wise

or does everyine hate it

Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:52:48

mine will be very neat and tidy......for about 10 mins

Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:53:10

what colour is yours misdee?

misdee Sun 03-Jun-07 08:54:58

i have ther pink camo lol.

Trinityrhino Sun 03-Jun-07 08:55:13

hmmm shall I do it? shall I buy it
ooh I love retail therapy

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