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When to change my bugaboo into a pushchair

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bizziebee Tue 22-May-07 19:42:41

My bugaboo info says not to use the pushchair till 6 months. My 5 month old dd is gettling very frustrated lying on her back. Has anyone any good reasons why I shouldn;t change it? It is a gecko.

MaPickle Wed 23-May-07 09:11:12

My friend had a bugaboo and changed it to a pushchair when her DD was 5 months. No calamaties ensued. HTH.

Rantmum Wed 23-May-07 09:13:16

All babies are different as long as your baby can lie back when she is tired I would turn it into a pushchair - help her see the world go by.

amazonianwoman Wed 23-May-07 11:19:27

I changed mine at 5mths - DD could sit unaided at that stage and was too big for the cot

Hanifah Wed 20-Jun-07 23:56:31

Hi,i have a bugaboo cameleon,my problem is the carrycot is really narrow and if u have a big baby like mine(just gone 3 months) - what r u supposed to do when the babys squished but not old enough for the pushchair?It says 6mths + for the pushchair part, I dont mind putting ds in carseat/rockerchairs etc which are slightly seated but the bugaboo pushchair looks like its only possible for babies that can sit up properly(eventho u can lie it down its still a seat),dont want to ruin dh's back n make him uncomfortable BUT the carrycot isnt comfy anymore either and cant lug him round in carseat all the time esp as hes too big to b comfy in it all d time???

Hanifah Wed 20-Jun-07 23:57:33

by the way my babys 3mths so he obviously cant sit unaided yet and am going on holiday soon so need to decide what to do with pram!?!?thanks

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