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Baby carriers... where to start? *pics*

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MamaNenwa Tue 12-Jun-18 09:10:00

Had an absolutely naff day in the hospital yesterday so treating myself to a few bits and pieces today. I've been looking at baby carriers, my parents swore by them and would live an alternative to a pram so I can potter about the house and go for walks a bit more freely.

I'm a bit torn between the wraparound and the more sturdy carrier. I tried a few on and absolutely loved the wraparound. Felt much closer and I got on well with the material. Didn't really like the sturdy carrier and it felt bulky and less close.

I've only tried these on with a baby doll so no idea what they are like with a real baby. My colleague made a comment 'don't bother with those stupid wraparound things they're too airy fairy and hard to tie' - not sure if he is correct or not.

Anyone mind sharing their experiences with me?

scaredofthecity Tue 12-Jun-18 09:20:32

Wraps are great for when they're small but once they get a bit bigger your grateful for a bit more support.
You can pick up wraps second hand pretty cheap as most people don't use them for very long.
I've got one of each as they have their own uses. I also have an ergo carrier and would really recommended it. Although theyre expensive they are very supportive.

MoMandaS Tue 12-Jun-18 09:22:36

I'm an experienced sling user and would agree with your colleague. However, the alternative you've shown isn't a good one, especially as your baby grows. You need to look for one that gives the baby a nice deep seat, so knees higher than bum, and supports the legs out to the knees.

You could look at Ergobaby, Connecta, Tula for a soft structured carrier - you'll probaby need an infant insert for these at first - or another option would be a mei tai style like the Hoppediz HopTye, or their Bondolino which doesn't involve tying as I recall. Palm and Pond do cheap ones but they're not great.

Above all, you need something that's easy to adjust to fit you both so you can be as comfortable as possible. A good, well-fitted carrier means you barely feel the weight and don't get aches and pains. Once your baby's here, the best option would be to visit a sling library, try a few and maybe hire one before buying.

MoMandaS Tue 12-Jun-18 09:25:43

Should have said, whatever carrier or method you choose, you need to be aware of the TICKS guidelines for safe carrying (sorry not got time to find a link for you).

whoopsiedaisies Tue 12-Jun-18 09:26:33

I have used the Ergo baby carrier since my baby was tiny. We had an infant insert to keep him snuggled in to start with, and now he is 8 months he loves to face out in the Ergo, too. It’s fab- doesn’t hurt my back at all even if I wear for a longer amount of time. Was really good for doing housework too!

Olivebrach Tue 12-Jun-18 09:29:36

I also used an ergo carrier (with newborn insert) from birth. I found it gave so much more suport and your still as close and snuggled to the baby.

Someone did lend me a wrap carrier but only used it once as it was a bit of a faf

wwwwwwwwwwwwww Tue 12-Jun-18 09:36:41

I have an ergobaby 360 and love it. I hired a cloth one from a sling library but never got on with it. I'd get a structured carrier like an ergobaby or a Tula with an infant insert as you'll get more longevity out of it.

MamaNenwa Tue 12-Jun-18 09:43:52

I found the wrap so easy to tie when I used it, what was the struggle when I came to using it with an actual baby as opposed to a doll? I don't want to buy it in the false hope that it'll be great, as I know of course putting a real baby in to a wrap is much harder than with a plastic one!

Had a look at ergobaby - I definitely can't afford it at £100+!

MamaNenwa Tue 12-Jun-18 09:44:30

'When it came to' not 'when I came to'

NanooCov Tue 12-Jun-18 09:48:39

Have a look at the Close Caboo. Softness and closeness of a stretch wrap but easier to put on and off. Goes on like a top over your head, tighten with two rings and then a wrap over the top for security. I love mine. Didn't have it with first baby and regret it. My son is 7 months now and cruising (FML) and I rarely carry now but he still fits. He loved to sleep in it when younger.

For a more structured carrier when they're a bit bigger, I would definitely try some on at a sling library. I find the Baby Bjorn uncomfortable (and it's not the best ergonomically) but my husband likes it. My favourites are my Tula and I also have a Connecta which is great and folds up tiny to pop in your bag if needed. It reminds me very much of an apron!

NanooCov Tue 12-Jun-18 09:50:34

And ask to join Affordable Baby Slings for Sale or Swap on Facebook. Lots of lovely preloaded slings, wraps and carriers and they are generally in excellent condition and you can be fairly sure they are genuine (lots of fakes on eBay)

anotherangel2 Tue 12-Jun-18 09:53:00

I could not manage a connecta. I loved our Manduca. You can hire from our local sling library for £10 a months or £10 for three months if you have a new born.

SallyCinnamon3009 Tue 12-Jun-18 09:56:55

Do you have a sling library nearby?? I would 100% recommend visiting here before buying anything. You can try out the carriers there and then and then hire for a small fee. I'm currently using a diddymos woven wrap that was reduced by £60 on Amazon but I borrowed one first from the library.

Connectas are great as well I just find being tall the woven wrap fits me better.

If your on Facebook search for affordable slings and there's also a connecta group as well where people sell second hand and often quite reasonably

ColonelCakes Tue 12-Jun-18 09:59:39

If you’re on a budget I would get a stretchy wrap (like in your picture) but a cheap one like Victoria sling lady on eBay and then a boba air for when the baby is past six months (it’s like an ergo but lighter weight).

Where are you? Mners May be able to recommend a decent shop near you. Most branches of John Lewis have an ergo baby you could try though - just to understand how it is structured yet still nice and close.

MamaNenwa Tue 12-Jun-18 10:03:28

Thanks all. I'm not on Facebook but can make one just to have a look!

I'm in the West Midlands, but closer to Stafford than Birmingham. 8 miles from Lichfield (I've just found a Lichfield sling library).

Does anyone mind explaining how the sling libraries work?

StylishMummy Tue 12-Jun-18 10:04:53

I have a caboo carrier for DD who is currently 10lb 3oz. It's a D-ring wrap sling. We'll move on to a buckle carrier when she's around 14lb

MamaNenwa Tue 12-Jun-18 10:08:21

Just had a wee look for Victoria Slinglady and don't think it exists anymore! sad

4mogirl Tue 12-Jun-18 10:12:02

If you are in Scotland, you get a sling in the Baby Box.

Have you looked on Gumtree/eBay for second hand Carriers? Or Facebook marketplace?

MamaNenwa Tue 12-Jun-18 10:14:06

4mo I'm not on Facebook but will check out gumtree! Sadly not in Scotland. Moved to England in 2013!

StillNoClue Tue 12-Jun-18 10:54:08

Try a sling library. You can rent one till you find one you like.

StillNoClue Tue 12-Jun-18 10:57:32

Sling library will have all sorts of different types and brands and they will suggest ones to suit what your looking for, they will need then let you rent one so you can make sure you like it, if you don't, go back and they will suggest others till you find one that suits.
They might even sell older models for cheap, if that model is no longer available, so you might get a good quality one at a cheaper price.

BertieBotts Tue 12-Jun-18 11:03:03

The wraparound ones are great, not difficult to tie at all. If you get a stretchy wrap you can pre-tie it and then place the baby in. The brand doesn't really matter and there are some really cheap ones around (do check the reviews of the super-cheap amazon ones as some of them say the material is too thin/short to be usable.)

Yes, they are only usable until about 9 months but that is the same for the style of buckle carrier you posted so it makes no difference.

Get a stretchy wrap and then join a couple of FB marketplace or sale/trade sling groups and keep an eye out for second hand carriers of various types once your baby is a few months old, and you should find something to upgrade to if you want to keep carrying them once the wrap has stopped being useful.

MrsBartlettforthewin Tue 12-Jun-18 11:08:05

I loved my wrap sling and used with all three kids until they were about 6 months. By then I couldn't cope with the weight even in a more supportive carrier. DH used a bijorn one from tiny until they out grew it and he always liked how quick it was to put on unlike my wrap which was a bit fiddle to initial tie but I'd wear it most of the day popping baby in and out when need plus could feed in it too.

Chocolatecoffeeaddict Tue 12-Jun-18 11:08:52

Mine was a waste of money. Didn't feel tight enough and did my back in. Only used it once.

rainingcatsanddog Tue 12-Jun-18 11:11:27

I LOVED my stretchy wrap. It was invaluable when ds2 had colic. They are soft, easy to wash and look like a faff but you learn quickly. I didn't get hot wearing one 26 hours a day (ds2 had colic so wouldn't be put down) and worked in summer and winter.

Bigger carriers are great for older babies (I had an Ergo)

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