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Car seats

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divafever99 Sat 02-Jun-18 07:24:04

My 7 year old is 19kg and still in a high backed seat. I have actually just raised the headrest a little and there is room for it to go up some more so she will be on that for a while yet. Children are much safer in a seat with a back and my dc will be staying in them for as long as possible. You can however get seats were the back detaches and you are left with just a booster seat so it will last longer.

Tango500 Sat 02-Jun-18 06:38:23

I'm want to get a second car seat for DSD (fed up of carting her dads from one vehicle to another! grin) shes nearly 5 years old and quite tall and about 18kg . Am I right I'm thinking I could get her a group 2-3 booster seat without a back? I'm very confused with it all! TIA x

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