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Where to buy Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper bedside crib in UK

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barbamama Sat 19-May-07 18:45:02


Does anyone know where I can buy one of these bedside cribs in the UK:


Wallace Sat 19-May-07 18:47:23

I remember seeing one on ebay

barbamama Sat 19-May-07 18:50:34

That's what someone else said but I cant find it - any idea how it was described?

MrsBadger Sat 19-May-07 19:11:18

not seen those ones in the UK - bedside cots here tend to look more like real cots and less like travel cots, if that makes sense.

Cosatto from JL
similar from Jojo
different one from M&P
smaller basic one

Wallace Sat 19-May-07 19:59:12

look at this old thread someone there may be able to help

I do remember another thread about them, and I saw one on ebay, but have had a look and can't find them now!

Wallace Sat 19-May-07 20:00:58


Wallace Sat 19-May-07 20:02:18

searched ebay for co-sleeper at found it

Look at the price!

barbamama Sat 19-May-07 20:09:13

Thanks for that, it's an option. I would prefer a new one. Weird you can't buy them here as they seem like quite a good idea as they double up as a travle cot etc.

beckmo Sun 20-May-07 08:18:00

I was looking in to them a while back and found you only get them second hand on ebay -they come up about once a week . Although one ebay seller said she had got hers for £40 off her local market!They attract alot of bidding.

NappiesGalore Sun 20-May-07 11:22:54

ive got one in the barn.
got it off ebay when expecting no3... there was a bloke on there who must have been importing them... he was selling them in various colours for 30 quid +P&P. bargainous.
so bargainous i bought one for a friend too.

wonder i i can find his details again? it was a while back now...

barbamama Mon 21-May-07 10:59:16

If you do still have his details that would be great, I'll keep an eye on ebay, thanks

parkyara Tue 26-Jun-07 22:43:03

please please nappiesgalore could you let us know the ebay seller when you grab a mo please:-)

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