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Push along toys

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CER Tue 16-Jul-02 15:15:28

Does anyone know of a push a long toy that won't slip and slide all over the place on wooden floors?

My 10 month old ds loves to "walk" but all the ones we've tried tend to go sideways on our floor, leaving him in a little heap.

SueW Tue 16-Jul-02 22:25:34

Can you get an old-fashioned brick trolley with rubber wheels rather than plastic? DD had one that my mum got from John Lewis.

I've just been out to the garage and checked its wheels but although they are rubber, I'm not sure they wouldn't slide on wooden floors, although that might be from lack of use - a few days of use outside might rough them up enough to make them have better grip.

Roll on NCT Nearly New Sale - I have a garageful of toddler toys to get rid of!

CER Tue 16-Jul-02 23:13:17

Thanks SueW. Dh did suggest getting one with rubber wheels. Haven't seen any though but will check out John Lewis next time I'm there.

Tissy Wed 17-Jul-02 08:30:37

John Lewis also do a rather cute push-along dog with rubber wheels, but I can't remember how much it was.

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