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I can't find a side board - where can I buy one online?

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mumfor1standfinaltime Wed 16-May-07 15:40:52

I have been hunting for a sideboard type of tv unit. I want a long one with cupboards and possibly draws on the front for storage.

I have been searching ebay for a local pick up one (used) but no luck.
Have looked on Ikea website but they don't deliver to my area.
Where can I get one online for under £100?

This is the kind of thingI am after

mumfor1standfinaltime Wed 16-May-07 15:43:24

Sorry, I know it is boring! Just thought some (or even one) of you may know some good websites!

JackieNo Wed 16-May-07 15:45:41

How about Argos ?

JackieNo Wed 16-May-07 15:46:51

They have lots of others too , many under £100.

mumfor1standfinaltime Wed 16-May-07 15:47:12

Ah yes, forgot them! Will have a look.

JackieNo Wed 16-May-07 15:48:50

Furniture123 might be worth a look too, though a bit more expensive I think.

mumfor1standfinaltime Wed 16-May-07 15:50:58

Thanks! I will have a browse. You know I have been sitting here with a blank mind not being able to think of any websites!

(not unusual for me to have a blank mind)

hana Wed 16-May-07 15:52:20

try dwell, they have some nice things too

JackieNo Wed 16-May-07 15:53:07

And MFI might have some too.

mumfor1standfinaltime Wed 16-May-07 15:54:39

You are so resourceful jackieno!

I have never heard of dwell, will look this up.

JackieNo Wed 16-May-07 15:57:19


Yes, Dwell have lovely stuff (spotted a nice one on the second page of that link).

mumfor1standfinaltime Wed 16-May-07 15:59:46

I am no officially in love with dwell website lol! dh will be home from work soon so I will show him what I have found (or you have found )

sarahswimming Tue 16-Aug-11 19:03:38

try for a sideboard they have lots of choice and are not too expensive

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