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choccy woccy doo dah cake

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nickiey Wed 16-May-07 13:14:52

Anyone had one? how much do they cost? does anyone know someone who could do a copy? etc etc


Ceolas Wed 16-May-07 13:15:49

what is it?

fuzzywuzzy Wed 16-May-07 13:16:32

they're a company which produce the most amazing looking chocoloate wedding cakes

nickiey Wed 16-May-07 13:16:48

go here

ScaryHairy Wed 16-May-07 13:20:16

I had one years ago. It was around £300 and was enough for 150 people
but I guess the prices may have gone up since. They were very good, and made the cake to a design that I requested.

Lots of cake shops now do chocolate wedding cakes so you could ask around in your area.

MegaLegs Wed 16-May-07 13:25:11

They are beautiful i love the one with the boxes.

TuttiFrutti Wed 16-May-07 17:56:57

We had a huge one at our wedding. It cost £750 but it looked amazing and tasted delicious. We served it as the pudding course!

LittleMouseWithCLogsOn Wed 16-May-07 17:57:29

how cna a cake cost 750 £
stupid money

PetronellaPinkPants Wed 16-May-07 17:59:48

I think they are really ugly!

hunkermunker Wed 16-May-07 18:00:56

They ming. Utterly ming. They look like fat old lady cankles, all melty flab and varicosey.

PetronellaPinkPants Wed 16-May-07 18:02:33

(a friend had one at her wedding it looked like the thing that the bloke made on his dining room table in Close Encounters)

Twiglett Wed 16-May-07 18:05:01

I think some of them are rather beautiful actually

<Stares sneaky down>

MrsBadger Wed 16-May-07 18:05:27

they are way overpriced IMO

it's only cake

go and find a local cake shop and get the lovely ladies (cause they are always lovely) to copy one for you

if you're near Oxford go to Cake Expectations on the Botley Road.

hunkermunker Wed 16-May-07 18:06:28

Beautiful?! Really?! They look like swamp monsters! In pink, admittedly, sometimes.

LittleMouseWithCLogsOn Wed 16-May-07 18:08:54

this is mine

teeteringonthebrink Wed 16-May-07 18:09:32


If you're near Oxford, seek out a woman called Maggie Shorter, she lives in Headington. She supplies many of the most elaborate and beautiful cakes you can buy in the shops in town. We got ours from her half-price because we went to her directly and sat in her kitchen for an hour admiring her sugar flowers and pics of her grandchildren

It was a very beautiful cake too. I've still got the top tier (from the days when we thought there might be a christening), must get around to throwing it out

filthymindedvixen Wed 16-May-07 18:11:29

I think it;'s downright cruel..those poor choccy cakes are being smothered. Alive!!

look, good cake doesn't need all that crap it speaks for itself.

filthymindedvixen Wed 16-May-07 18:12:39

Fabulous cake clogsy

<<swears inwardly at being caught>>

LittleMouseWithCLogsOn Wed 16-May-07 18:13:14

heres a ncie cake

MadamePlatypus Wed 16-May-07 18:15:04

I loved my choccy woccy doo dah cake. We froze the left overs and it still tasted good a year later. If you want one go to the shop and look at individual cakes. The point of the cake is that the 'icing' is solid chocolate, so they are great if you love chocolate, and also chocolate can be moulded into some pretty cool shapes. I am not sure whether they could be copied easily because I imagine that you have to be a chocolatier rather than a cake icer to handle the chocolate.

Each to their own I suppose - Just had a look at the website and I still think they are beautiful.

teeteringonthebrink Wed 16-May-07 18:16:04

no fishface, this is yours

Sparkletastic Wed 16-May-07 18:16:04

Ate a slice of a Choccywoccy one at a friend's wedding last year and it tasted minging - really stale and cacky chocolate. Looked good though. I had a fab choc pyramid cake made by a lovely lady who did them for a hobby. V cheap and delish.

Twiglett Wed 16-May-07 18:17:29

did you look at the gallery and the one with that looked like boxes though

agree that too much money

we had a mille feuille as a wedding cake .. yum

teeteringonthebrink Wed 16-May-07 23:04:10

wtf is a mille feuille

DimpledThighs Wed 16-May-07 23:07:59

filo pastry

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