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jampot Tue 03-Aug-04 14:03:08

We got a quote for Amtico yesterday for our hall & bathroom (both small) from a flooring shop. Found this website for discount AMTICO here - much cheaper.

BIL tells me his man charges £120m2

CountessDracula Tue 03-Aug-04 14:50:07

A warning - we had amtico in the whole ground floor of our house (insurance job, had a leak and amtico was there before so we replaced like with like, not our choice)

We had a wood one, American Oak I think. It was awful! The finish on it scratched off in about 3 days and it never looked any good after that. It showed every scratch and looked dull despite repeated re-applications of the dressing.

I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole! I think the rougher finish ones are ok but I wouldn't go for the wood look.

jampot Tue 03-Aug-04 19:28:59

Really CD? The reason we want it is because it's supposed to be really hardwearing. We wanted a light wood for the hall and a stone tile for the bathroom. May have to rethink my options now.. anyone else got a view on it?

CountessDracula Wed 04-Aug-04 15:26:22

jampot bear in mind that I have a large dog so her claws probably made matters worse.

Think the stone tile one would be fine, it's only the wood ones I have had probs with (we had another one in the bathroom that was absolutely fine). I just think that for high traffic areas you will be stripping off and putting on the dressing all the time. Why not get wood?

Davros Wed 04-Aug-04 18:41:09

Agree totally with CD. We also had a wood-look one and it looked great just after being installed but was never the same after that. Got scratched, dull and looked like naff vinyl. We don't have a dog and only 2 of us using that room at the time (bathroom so got some wear).

mckenzie Wed 04-Aug-04 18:45:51

we have american oak in the downstairs hallway/toilet etc and norwegian slate in the kitchen. We're delighted with both.
Make sure you get an experienced Amtico fitter.

Enid Sat 11-Jun-05 19:33:13


have been obsessing over what floor to have in the kids bathroom (new).

The man in the shop showed me the American Oak Karndean (like amtico) and I was sold!

It can't have a drawback, it can't!

I have been through every bloomin flooring on the planet.

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 11-Jun-05 19:35:01

We were supposed to be getting this for our Kitchen too.

BIL is getting it too. I never heard of it until he mentioned it.

anchovies Sat 11-Jun-05 19:35:52

I've got oak amtico in the hall and a bluey one in the bathroom and they've been down for about 5 years and still look fab

Enid Sat 11-Jun-05 19:37:05

well the one I like is Karndean which I think is the same thing as Amtico (I should know as I have thought about nothing else for about 2 weeks)

bobs Sun 31-Jul-05 23:30:56

It's the same thing except Amtico is twice the price - apparently allow £100 per m2 for supplying and fitting Amtico. My mum has Karndean and it looks great

pabla Mon 01-Aug-05 10:24:42

I had Amtico in the bathroom of our old house and loved it - still looked good as new when we moved. We were persuaded to have Karndean in the bathroom of our current house when we did it up - I'm really disappointed with it. It has scratched a lot where the laundry basket gets pulled out and there are stains which won't come off (bleach I think from when ds2 fiddles with the loo brush!) I think you are supposed to strip off the surface coating and reseal it every so often, but TBH, who has the time to do that?

ajmum Mon 01-Aug-05 14:13:08

Had to post as I was discussing bad Amtico problems with someone just the other day. I think the product is good but make sure the person who installs Amtico is good at what they do. I had Amtico in a bathroom and it lifted at the edges really quickly. They came back to 'fix' it but it never really worked out. My stepmum-in-law has had the same problem (hers looks really bad at the edges) and she can't get it fixed as the installer has gone out of business!

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