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Quinny Buzz - 2005 or 2006 how do I tell the difference?

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CarGirl Wed 02-May-07 21:48:58

That's it really? My friend has the pushchair complete with instructions how do know if it was merely purchased in 2006 or is a 2006 model?

CarGirl Wed 02-May-07 22:04:01


jamieboo Wed 02-May-07 22:11:40

the buttons that recline or remove the seat are larger on the 2006 model, it also doesnt recline back as far.
Also, when you fold it down there is an elastic hoop on the left hand side on the 2006 model that hooks onto the wheel to stop it coming up. The 2005 model just had velcro material or a clip or something like that in the middle.
Um, not sure of any other differences hope that helps (and my memory is right!)

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