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Where can i get a kids poncho ????

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nutcracker Thu 22-Jul-04 17:10:09

Would prefer to buy it online too if poss.
Anyone know of anywhere ???

codswallop Thu 22-Jul-04 17:15:21


new lok?

nutcracker Thu 22-Jul-04 17:18:31

Haven't got the new Next book yet, are there some in there then ???

lonelymumof3 Thu 22-Jul-04 17:19:35

jojomaman bebe do the winter ones. they are lovely. If not then try boden?

hmb Thu 22-Jul-04 17:25:07

Saw a while croched type in Debenhams this afternoon, very 70s retro! I remember having one myself!

gothicmama Thu 22-Jul-04 17:26:15

gap had some

nutcracker Thu 22-Jul-04 17:27:11

Cheers, will look in at all of those

codswallop Thu 22-Jul-04 17:27:21

think so

Thomcat Thu 22-Jul-04 17:33:38

Verbudeut (sp?)

Thomcat Thu 22-Jul-04 17:37:15

here yougo

nutcracker Thu 22-Jul-04 17:52:27

Ahh thanks Thomcat, i'll see if she likes it.

Hulababy Fri 23-Jul-04 14:39:56

I got DD's poncho from Gap - not online though.

Accessorise/Monsoon also do some girl's ponchos too now.

tinyganghq Fri 23-Jul-04 15:55:35

Poncho's are so sweet - I remember having one when I was groovy 70's colours, of course!

There's a really pretty one with a hood, online at - I won't attempt a link cos links don't like me for some reason.

nappyaddict Tue 09-Sep-08 16:01:32

this is gorge

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