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IWOOT don't deliver

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Moli5 Wed 06-Dec-17 19:26:56

I had over £100 taken from my bank by IWOOT back in November 2017. Goods were not despatched. Can we all get together and contact Trading Standards to get our money back and compensation for those family members who won't get Xmas gifts due to IWOOT negligence.

Gazelda Wed 06-Dec-17 19:53:41

Have you gone through their complaints process?

Moli5 Wed 06-Dec-17 19:58:18

Sod you have contact details? I cannot reach a human being so far. Thanks

Moli5 Wed 06-Dec-17 19:59:36

Do you have details of the complaints procedure with IWOOT. I cannot reach a human being. Just automated pointless messages. Thanks

Gazelda Wed 06-Dec-17 20:01:35

** "*Sod you*" I presume that was a typo?😆
I don't have their contact details, no. Have you googled?
This thread seems a bit extreme if you you haven't gone through their complaints process hmm

Lillylollylandy Wed 06-Dec-17 20:06:49

IWOOT is part of The Hut group. Try their operations director:

Lillylollylandy Wed 06-Dec-17 20:08:59

Link didn’t work so here’s a pic

MagicFajita Wed 06-Dec-17 20:10:29

Can you tweet them a complaint?

Moli5 Wed 06-Dec-17 20:25:37

Apologies, that is a typo. Meant to say Do You. I have been in contact with IWOOT about the issue but as I said the response is automated . Thanks for your input.

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