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IKEA sale in UK

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IhaveChillyToes Mon 04-Dec-17 14:36:32

I want to buy a lampshade and large rug from IKEA

I also want a settee but can't remember it's name atm is very cheap but not urgent so could wait until next year

Will probably come out with many more things that I just "must have"

I don't know when to buy them though now or in January

My point is do they have a sale off everything sort of thing

So like 20% off everything kind of thing

If so when does it start please?


icklekid Mon 04-Dec-17 14:38:04

Nope never heard of IKEA doing a 20% off everything sale ever...

LemonysSnicket Mon 04-Dec-17 14:39:20

They have a 'clearence' section at the end of the warehouse bit but other than that ive never heard of ikea doing a sale x

IhaveChillyToes Mon 04-Dec-17 14:40:02

Oke doke thank you fsmilefsmile

Was being overly hopeful

Just didn't want to buy the things now and then see on TV adverts for huge sale at IKEA after Christmas

SoupDragon Mon 04-Dec-17 14:46:17

They have a Christmas sale and a summer one but no, they aren't the "20% off everything" kind of sale. Usually just selling off the seasonal stuff and maybe some other stuff they can't get rid of.

I think you might as well buy now.

Adarajames Mon 04-Dec-17 14:50:40

They regularly have a sale! Think it's January, but it's very popular, used to be queues to go in in the early days of ikea in uk, still very busy but not as mad!

crazycatgal Mon 04-Dec-17 14:59:10

They have a sale on certain items - normally seasonal stuff or stuff they can't sell:

Abijam Fri 08-Dec-17 16:39:51

20% sale?? Highly unlikely that IKEA would give such a discount. If they do please keep us posted here.

TheABC Fri 08-Dec-17 16:43:12

Are you thinking of the £20 off voucher you get with the Christmas trees?

Imfinehowareyou Fri 08-Dec-17 16:49:43

I was there today and they definitely had a poster by the lifts advertising a sale - think it was from Dec 21st to Jan 4th (or thereabouts). No idea what is in sale or ℅ off, sorry.

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