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Can I return it?

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Protectingmydaughterfromfilth Thu 30-Nov-17 22:41:02

This may male me sound precious but here goes...

Bought a Mattress & Divan Base from reputable local company. The one they in the showroom was too firm for me as I have a twisted Pelvis alongside severe Arthritis and other Disabilities so my Mattress needs to be comfortable otherwise I wake up in agony and unable to walk... Anyway, the guy said they had a soft version of this Latex-topped pocket sprung mattress but was not in the showroom and so he showed me a mattress that had the equivalent 'softness' to the one he was telling me about. Felt perfect! I liked the idea of the latex surface instead of memory foam and so I ordered.
Mattress came yesterday. Solid as a rock!

Yes, I should have called the company straightaway and explained the mix up, but me being a bit of an idiot, thought hmmm maybe it needs 'breaking in....?!' So I slept on it last night (so firm is it, that when you lie on it, it suddenly reminds you of what it feels like to sleep on the floor! Sure enough, I woke up with pain in my hip....

Please be nice, I'm just asking if there's any point in even trying to return this now? Any consumer laws I may not be aware of? (I don't think there are any, particularly as this was ordered in the showroom and not online/over Phone).
Obviously it will be the morning before they're open so 2 sleeps later...


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