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A tablet for a 10 year old??

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ojalele Sun 15-Oct-17 19:00:18

DD will be 10 next week. She would like to listen to music in her room and also needs to regularly look things up for school. I am not keen on a phone until she is older and thought a tablet would give allow her to listen to music and use it for the internet.
I am a little nervous about her having easy access to the internet though. Is 10 old enough?
If so, which tablet would be good for her age (and will last a couple of years)?

Needingsomeadvice Mon 30-Oct-17 10:22:29


My DS is 10 and got an ipod touch when he was 7. He still uses it at 10 and loves it. You can set restrictions on anything you want on it. There are also ways to control her internet access remotely from a PC - my DS believed for years that it was an automatic shut off at 9pm, but in fact we set it to go offline 9pm-7am.
I am bumping this for you as I am wondering the same thing! My younger child (when aged 5) got the Amazon Fire Kids Edition, then my son received the £39.99 basic version off a relative (no 2 year replacement, no 1 year of unlimited access to free content on the kids profile). However, both have suddenly broken after almost 2 years. My younger one just scraped an instant replacement as warranty doesn't run out until Christmas. However, my older one's warranty was a standard 1 year one so has long since ran out. But for 2 years, both have had access to all the content - and he does use it - think Kids/Teen TV, apps, games, e-books - all for a few pounds a month. And now we have Amazon Prime, they can get Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Video too, so I am seriously getting him another one for Christmas. But torn between that and an android tablet?

Needingsomeadvice Mon 30-Oct-17 10:27:31

Oh, meant to add - I am a bit put off by the Amazon tablet not having YouTube. Although, I have this battle with my 10-year old that he's not allowed YouTube yet on portable devices that he can watch in his room (he's allowed it on the living room TV where I can monitor it!). He reckons that he's the only child of his age forced (FORCED! I tell you!) to use YouTube Kids on his ipod! I am a terrible mother who is cramping his style apparently!

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