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anyone know anything about healing crystals

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Radley Thu 05-Apr-07 21:13:13

I would like to buy a very close friend a healing crystal necklace for a friend who is due to go through chemo/radiotherapy.

moondog Thu 05-Apr-07 21:17:36

Enough to know that there is no scientific basis for their use whatsoever.

Radley Thu 05-Apr-07 21:22:13

I know that there is no scientific basis, but, surely, if it helps someone mentally/phsycologically then it can't be anything but good

MrsBadger Thu 05-Apr-07 21:28:03

my sister bought me a necklace from Green Perles justt because it was pretty, not because she believed the spiel, but they do have some nice-looking things and the woman who runs it will make one to your spec with stones specifically chosen for your friend's condition.

boysontoast Thu 05-Apr-07 22:52:25

well, it all sounds v odd to me. but i honestly do know someone who came back from the brink of death (cancer) and crystals was part of her turnaround. personally think it was more a matter of positive thinking, but whatever gets you there is fine!

theres a book.... Love Medicine and Miracles by Bernie Siegel which apparently saved this womans life.
cant do a link cozmy PC's playing up... but its on amazon.

think that would make a perfect present for someone facing cancer treatment.

i wish you and them luck with everything to come.

Jessieanne Sun 15-May-16 20:59:47

I hope the crystals help your friend. Does anyone know of anywhere in the Milton Keynes area where I can buy healing crystals?

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