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Teletubby tune??

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florenceuk Wed 26-Jun-02 09:59:42

This is a bit obscure, but does anybody have the Teletubby video with the Animal Parade on it? I was wondering if the music was original or sourced from elsewhere - it sounds familiar but I can't pick it.

SoupDragon Wed 26-Jun-02 10:15:37

Could it be San Saens?

I need to get out more... found this on another site 'My son has the CD, and the song is simply called "Animals"'

florenceuk Wed 26-Jun-02 11:02:31

Don't think it is Saint-Saens, as I played some of the clips I found on the web - none of them sound the same. Maybe it is an original song as the CD would seem to suggest - so I might have to buy the CD. Thanks!

Paula1 Wed 26-Jun-02 11:22:00

Ashamed to admit but I absolutely love that bit of the teletubbies, it is so clever the way the music changes according to the animals and how they move

sobernow Wed 26-Jun-02 12:18:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tetley Wed 26-Jun-02 12:23:27

If you've got speakers attached to your computer, then go onto the teletubbies page on It's got the animal parade on it, complete with music!!

susanmt Wed 26-Jun-02 12:57:48

Its an adapted version of 'The animals went in two by two, hurrah....' etc as far as I can figure it out. Very loosely adapted!!

batey Wed 26-Jun-02 13:59:24

If you go too CBeebies web site and then to teletubbies games you can play the animal parade game and get the tune in all it's glory! My dds love this game!

batey Wed 26-Jun-02 14:00:13

Whoops, didn't see tetleys post, dimmer that I am!!

SoupDragon Wed 26-Jun-02 15:57:02

OK, I've emailed and asked them what the music is. Sad, I know.

SoupDragon Wed 26-Jun-02 17:09:35

OK, official response:

"Thank you for your email.

Yes, "Animal Parade" was written especially for the Teletubbies. If you'd like to get hold of the music, we advise you to contact the BBC shop online as they will have more details about CBBC related products

We hope this helps.

Best Wishes

Teletubbies website

PamT Wed 26-Jun-02 17:29:48

Well done Soupdragon, now, we know

florenceuk Wed 26-Jun-02 18:47:02

Thanks - interesting to see that I'm not the only one who was intrigued by the tune!

bayleaf Sat 29-Jun-02 22:02:20

Gosh - I'm yet another one who is mesmerised by the parade every time - and dh loves it too.
Don't suppose the cockney sheep also have any fans???? One memorable ( for all the wrong reasons!) trip up north had us both singing the ''we are the sheep'' ditty over and over in broad cockney tones to try and entertain dd when we'd forgotten to put the nursery rhyme cd in!

bundle Mon 01-Jul-02 17:48:56

bayleaf, of course there are other sheep fans - me! dd is also in love with a Welsh nursery rhymes (not traditional, more modern roc n roll!) which bring out similar response in me on long car journeys

SoupDragon Mon 01-Jul-02 17:56:31

I love the sheep too! I tend not to see Teletubbies very often as I use the time whilst DS1 & 2 are happily watching it to do other things. Like chatting on mumsnet...

susanmt Tue 02-Jul-02 00:40:11

I love the sheep as well, but dd prefers the animals and the dancing teddy. Does anyone else get freaky panicks when that b****y bear and lion come on?

SueDonim Tue 02-Jul-02 07:27:36

Another sheep fan here! I just love them, although now we're abroad there's only the occasional Tubbies or Tweenies in Hindi or Bahasa for us. Its just not the same.

As for the bear and lion, DD is still terrified of them even though she is 6!

Tetley Tue 02-Jul-02 09:07:11

Ds doesn't seem bothered by the bear & lion - although I'm not too keen! What he didn't like for a long while was the tapdancing teddy in the carousel. He always wanted to leave the room if that cam on!! However, he seems to have got over it now.

jodee Tue 02-Jul-02 11:44:16

DS loves the dancing bear in the carousel, and isn't phased at all by the lion. What really freaks him out is when the toast machine spits tubby toast everywhere - he gets really upset!

PamT Tue 02-Jul-02 11:47:41

I know lots of children who have been frightened by the *scary, scary lion*. I really dislike the boats and that house thing which fortunately I haven't seen recently. I'm not impressed with Teletubbies everywhere which is shown on Cbeebies now, I much prefer the standard programme because you always know what is coming next (I must have watched too much of it.)

CathB Tue 02-Jul-02 12:56:13

I think the sheep are great but they dont turn up that often, dd is not bothered about them but loves the dancing bear. She had a phase where she got upset when they all fell down and particularly when one or other of them would disappear (I think they were doing 2 little dicky birds).

Its Funny lady I cant get my head around, the kids in the clips all seem very entertained, but I think shes pretty scary myself!

I know you are meant to watch TV actively with the little ones but I try and tune it out as much as possible, you can only see these things so many times (especially funny lady).

Tetley Tue 02-Jul-02 13:26:43

Agree completely about funny lady - she's wierd!! It's all the coy glances into the camera too - I think she's trying to appeal to any dads who may be watching...

PamT Tue 02-Jul-02 14:33:28

IMO Funny Lady is not funny but very tedious and boring. DH always laughs at the childrens presenters on TV because they do the most ridiculous things but really I suppose they have the last laugh because they no doubt get paid quite well for doing it.

Paula1 Tue 02-Jul-02 19:25:09

My son always loved the house thing with the singing person, I think it's because it sounded like his grandma singing!!

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