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new bike needed for 3 yo ds - any advice?

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beegee Mon 02-Apr-07 21:58:09

I would like to order one that can arrive very quickly - we're going away for Easter. Is it cheaper on the internet or should I go to my local bike shop?

What type/make is good? I want one with stabilisers - do these come as standard?

Thank you to all - I'm really lost as to where to start.

beegee Mon 02-Apr-07 22:09:40


lilybubble Mon 02-Apr-07 22:16:14

Not much to offer, as have only just started looking at this myself, but have you tried Halfords? They are pretty good, and Woolworths also stock a fair few, and they deliver too. Argos too! And new Tesco catalogue had some.... all of these seemed similarly and reasonably priced for what I was looking for.

Sorry, not much help really.... good luck!

TwirlyN Mon 02-Apr-07 22:21:54

We have just introduced our DS 3yo to Hand me down bike. Halfords, Actionman sort of chopper looking seat, stabilizers that can be taken off. It was hard to get DS2 off his trike. But now he's flying. oh plus we let him choose a new bell. Fireman Sam does Actionman!

Blu Mon 02-Apr-07 22:28:53

Depends what you want, really.
You know the current thinking is that kids learn to ride a bike more easliy if they don't use stabilisers, but learn to balance by scooting along without pedals? like a 'Likeabike'? The bike we bought has pedals which we could unscrew, then we out them back on again. Also, it's worth having good wheels / tyres - makes it easier to ride.

But it all comes down to cost. I would go to halfords and actually try it out.

beegee Tue 03-Apr-07 08:10:22

Thanks - I hadn't thought of Halfords.

That's interesting about an non-peddle bike. I have seen those around. Mmmmmm - wondering whether I should get one of those. Vlu - when did you put the pedals back on? Do you think it helped? Do most bikes come with this option of taking off the pedals or is that a special feature?

I read somewhere that bmx bikes are 'safer' because their handle bars are higher and that makes the dcs look up rather than at the ground.

I worry a little about taking ds as he will get stubbornly attached to a bike that won't be right for him...but I do think it's a good idea to take him really. Have to brave it, I think!

beegee Tue 03-Apr-07 08:10:59

Sorry _ typed Vlu! Blu, of course!

geekgrrl Tue 03-Apr-07 08:23:25

I would always go for a Puky bike - after 3 children and three bikes (2 Puky, one Halford's) it has become very evident that Halford's bikes aren't a patch on the lovely German-made Puky ones, and the price difference isn't that big, particularly if you're going to use it for more than one child.

beegee Tue 03-Apr-07 08:32:28

Thanks Geekgirl - they look really good.

What's the difference as you see it than the Halfords type ones?

I'm thinking of re-arranging my day now - Bagshot is pretty close to me so I can zip over there with dcs.

geekgrrl Tue 03-Apr-07 08:40:31

they are just so much better made - the Halford's one has never behaved quite right at all times, e.g. the brakes stick occasionally and always have done since we first got, and it doesn't come with a bike stand (WTF? evidently you're meant to teach your child to just toss it to the ground), it has also started to rust after just 8 months - the Pukys are 3 & 5 years older than the Halford's bike but don't have a spot of rust on them, desppite having been left out in the rain lots.

beegee Tue 03-Apr-07 09:16:03

Thanks - descision made! I'm off to Bagshot.

Blu Tue 03-Apr-07 11:25:19

Beegee - DS's bike is a Puky bike - and you can take the pedals off them. Also, they can pedal backwards to stop.

After a couple of months practising without pedals and learnong to balance and use his weight to steer, we put the pedals back on DS's bike and he rode off without stabilisers straight away. But you need a bike which has quite a wide range of seat heights, because they need the seat quite low to scoot, and a bit higher for pedalling.

With stabilisers, kids use their weight in a completely different way to balancing.

Puky bikes are expensive, but they 'go' really well - are easy to pedal, ahve good wheels and tyres, and you should be able to get a good price second hand when you are done with it.

MilaMae Tue 03-Apr-07 13:38:11

Blu how long do those Pucky bikes last for-I mean how old is the child when they outgrow them??

Blu Tue 03-Apr-07 13:50:05

DS is 5.6 and he is still riding the smallest size of Puky 2 wheeler - and the seat isn't at the highest, either. But he is quite small. It doesn't look like such a 'big boy' bike as some of his friends' - but then i think some of his friends are riding bikes a bit too big for them.

Loopymumsy Tue 03-Apr-07 15:25:41

Message withdrawn

Blu Tue 03-Apr-07 22:39:12

islabikes look great! That may be Ds's next bike sorted. Are they really lighter than other bikes?

My only comment is that the chain isn't enclosed. The enclosed chain on DS's Puky has been v helpful during the multiple pile-ups involved in his stunt-work...

Loopymumsy Wed 04-Apr-07 15:23:33

Message withdrawn

Striderbikesuk Sat 19-Jun-10 09:57:05

Try Strider PREBikes.....lovely little bikes with no pedals that teach balance, steering and build toddler's confidence. From age 18m to 5 years. Find me on facebook - Strider Bikes UK.

thedollyridesout Sat 19-Jun-10 10:13:38

We have gone for Ridgebacks over Islabikes in our family. The little pedal free one is called a 'scoot' and it is great. It is £90 which is cheaper than the Islabike equivalent. Also, it can fit the smallest 3 year old and you get an additional seat post to use as they get taller.

chesky Thu 11-Aug-11 16:42:30

I bought my son a strider bike from they have a Fb page also.
My son loves is bike and he has not had it very long and already he is starting to balance. He is a very petite 2 year old and this bike doesnt need to be on the lowest setting for him. It is also really easy to adjust the seat height and the bikes are really light.

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