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Anyone know where you can buy a bubble-making toy

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Monnie Thu 20-Jun-02 21:49:12

I have just spent the best part of 2 hours on the Net trying to find something.

All I could find was a bubble-blowing lawnmower from Mothercare, but DS cannot walk yet.

Any suggestions would be great.

philly Thu 20-Jun-02 22:31:12

My middle ds is mad about bubbles and the best toy we have found is the bubble gun from the ELC,pretty sturdy and makes very good bubbles.Would recommend the lawnmower for when walking though.

GillW Thu 20-Jun-02 23:24:38

Woolworths had a variety of them last time I looked. Mostly say for 3 years plus, but I guess they'd be ok if you operated them for her.

SofiaAmes Thu 20-Jun-02 23:29:21

we got a great one from a chinese lady on the beach in italy

SueW Fri 21-Jun-02 00:21:59

Disney stores in New York were selling bubble blowing Winne-the-Poohs a couple of years ago. Fill up the hunny pot with solution, switch on and eventually the room gets bubbled out.

SoupDragon Fri 21-Jun-02 08:15:09

I can't resist "challenges" like this!

My first Google search yielded this site which doesn't have a bubble machine but looks great fun anyway!

For some reason I can't get any more links in the message - they all disappear! Can anyone shed any light on this?

Here are the addresses anyway:
Again, no machine but looks fun.
A US site but I've not checked the shipping details. It also sells Stun Guns! A must for every toddler birthday party...
Another US site

At last! A UK one! scroll down for the bubble blowing frog!

I did a Google search on
"bubble blowing" -gum

Hope this helps!

GillW Fri 21-Jun-02 10:23:53

Not what you're looking for but I love this one and 9 month old DS is fascinated by the *huge* bubbles it makes. Absoltely guaranteed that everyone will stop and watch if you use it in a park or public area! Better picture (but more expensive on that site) at

Online (uk) I also found bubble guns at

(Yes why won't multiple links in one message work???)

Janus Fri 21-Jun-02 13:40:54

I just ordered a 'bubble pen' today which claims that it produces bubbles which little ones can then touch without it bursting. Mine loves bubbles too and it's nearly her birthday so bought some (come in packs of 6), it does say for 3+ though but nearly every toy says that so I'm kinda gonna ignore that. Anyway, got it from Baker Ross (who, I think, Twink recommended) and they have a website,, loads of lovely little pressies there.

GillW Fri 21-Jun-02 14:46:08

Register with Prezzybox (who do the giant bubble machine) and you can get a £5 off voucher (for orders > £10). So the giant bubble machine would only be £8.95 inc delivery.

By the way they also have a "bubbling monkey" on their site - if that's more what you were looking for.

Monnie Fri 21-Jun-02 16:04:26

Thanks very much for all your suggestions, especially the websites to look at.

Must be due to my c**p ISP that I couldn't find any of these sites myself!!

cocococo Sun 23-Jun-02 10:33:59

I have the Winnie the Pooh one from the Disney Store its great!

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