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high chairs?

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vict17 Thu 15-Jul-04 16:05:56

Please can anyone recommend an easy-to-clean, easy-to-fold-away high chair for a house with very little space? TIA

fairydust Thu 15-Jul-04 16:11:18

babies rus folds away small


shrub Thu 15-Jul-04 16:30:51

tripp trapp is the best. it is so easy to clean. i wish i had listened to the collective wisdom of mumsnetters before i bought mama and papas prima pappa (nightmare to clean and very bulky) and mothercare wooden winnie the pooh chair(straps kept breaking and lots of food gettting wedged inbetween the seat. there was a recent thread about this tripp trapp is expensive £99 but lasts forever-don't buy cushion as lots of mumsnetters said it was constantly in the washing machine. could try ebay. there was an alternative for £35 almost identical to tripp trapp called a 'tchibo'. i will try and find the link.....

shrub Thu 15-Jul-04 16:37:36

the link thing is eluding me - but if interested go to then click 'baby and toddler' then 'highchair'. another good one for lack of space is a 'handysit' which clips onto an ordinary chair. both of these are on mumsnet 'find the best' section.

Blackduck Thu 15-Jul-04 17:19:15

I bought the tchibo one about a week ago- dead easy to put together and ds loves it as he now gets to sit at the table - it has no tray. The idea is it grows with the child and will in fact take an adult's weight....Nice looking and takes up no more space than a normal chair...

But if you want one for little space how about the plastic booster type ones you tie to a normal chair - try mothercare, or Toysrus

Carameli Thu 15-Jul-04 19:12:23


I have a tripp trapp for my 9mth dd and its been fab!
I have been amazingly lucky in that she is such a clean baby and never seems to mess much with food(yet!!, don't want to tempt fate:-)
But I love the chair and it lets her sit right by us having dinner as well. She is a sociable little thing so think its been great for her to be right in where all the action is going on.

It is expensive but I like the design and know that even if she hates it in years to come I will have a nice chair for the house to use myself if needed.

Oooggs Thu 15-Jul-04 23:29:12

My Tripp Trapp is fantastic and there are lots of deals on the internet. My friend just bought one for £104 including baby set & cushions. What a deal!!!!

xoz Thu 15-Jul-04 23:33:06

We have one of he ones that you strap on to a regular chair, a fold up travel type one. It doesn't take up any extra space, is plastic and comes apart for cleaning. I think the brand is Safety First. It is fantatic because then if you're going out you can take it with you, or on holidays or wherever. Not very expensive either.

Chandra Fri 16-Jul-04 00:47:43

For some strange reason I got an Antilop high Chair from IKEA (not so strange a reason, it was £11 + £4 for the tray) it is small and REALLY easy to clean. I'm very happy with it, I know is not the best highchair in the world but it is sturdy, doesn't have a scratch after a year of everyday use and I will feel no guilt feelings of passing it on/sending it to a charity shop once my child has outgrown it in some months time.

poppyseed Fri 16-Jul-04 01:11:10

Both of ours don't fold but tuck very neatly underneath the table.... We have a tripp trapp which personally I found a waste of time for the baby adaptor bit - much better to wait and use it when they are older. Our 5 year old has been using it for about 3 years and it is fantastic for her, but our DS (now 14 months) always seemed to look uncomfortable in it and it was difficult to get him in and out. We then went up into the loft and... got out the cheapest bit of baby equipment that we have ever bought! The IKEA one that they use in their restaurants - forgotten it's name but wasn't much more than a tenner and is white with a moulded shaped back and a simple safety harness that you can buy separately. Fantastically easy to clean, they can sit up at the table with you if you don't put the tray on and is CHEAP!!!

Chandra Fri 16-Jul-04 01:40:55

I think we are talking about the same one Poppyseed, is it this one ?

maisystar Fri 16-Jul-04 01:43:37

that's the one i had too(the ikea one). i found it fab, used it for 3 yrs and now my nephew (13mnths) uses it.

poppyseed Wed 11-Aug-04 21:46:08

Sorry been away on holiday!! Yes it is chandra - fab aren't they!?

bea Wed 11-Aug-04 22:27:46

votes for handysitt and ikea antilop... we have both and the handysitt is fantastic for taking away, folds down flat, godd for sitting at the table, v. easy to clean and looks v. nice!!!

ikea, not so compact but a fantastic buy... we were going to pack ours away and just use the handysitt but so many of our friends have babies it's permanently inuse when friends are visiting...

handysitt if space is really an issue though!!!

lydialemon Wed 11-Aug-04 23:54:15

I've just bought this one from Choice for £50. I don't really need a travel one, but I have never seen one that packs up as small as this before. We've only got a tiny flat and it is perfect for us as we can just put it between the sofa and the wall and it disappears! Well worth it if you are short of space.

Click on colour/product options to see it folded up.

codswallop Sat 01-Jan-05 20:56:28

here it is

gs Sat 01-Jan-05 21:52:28

hi lydialemon - how did you find the travel high chair from choice? i am thinking to purchase this highchair

gs Sat 01-Jan-05 22:25:11

hi lydialemon is the tray on the cosatta on the move high chair big enough or a little on the small side??

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