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name labels

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bea Thu 20-Jun-02 16:53:23

a quickie! dd just waking up!!

which are the best sew on / iron on name labels!? looking for quite fun, quirky ones!!! sort of like the ones from 'Stuck on You' but looking for more options.... i know know... v unecessary and i could just do with plain name ones... but looking for something a little diff!!



SoupDragon Thu 20-Jun-02 17:30:30

"Stuck on You" are the only ones I've heard of. I made my own with some of that Tshirt transfer paper you can get for ink jet printers.

munchie Thu 20-Jun-02 20:49:07

Hi Bea, I got my Ds name labels from Cash's. They have a picture of a plane on which is totally unnecessary but such fun! He loves them. You can order them through the redhouse book club, the website is They aren't too expensive either prices start from £5.50.
Hope you like them.

GillW Thu 20-Jun-02 23:29:45

Also from Minilabels - I think these are the Cash's ones again.

Rhiannon Thu 20-Jun-02 23:35:47

Don't bother with the ones that advertised on Mumsnet, they all fell off or washed off. R

bea Fri 21-Jun-02 10:02:08

it's funny because i've done a big search and you would have thought that some enterprising company out there... except stuck on you and mini labels (where, incidently! at their website it is imposssible to get a good look at their logos, as the page keeps refreshing it self!!!) - would have thought... "name tapes are so boring for littlies... we all know their parents have more money than sense!!! so lets introduce a name tape with a difference!!!"

and the search goes on... thanks for all the help so far!!!

Rhiannon - did the words wash off... or the whole label wash off, as i think i would prefer to sew them on !... as if i'vt got the time!!!

GillW Fri 21-Jun-02 13:32:50

Also this one

SueW Sat 22-Jun-02 00:46:42

Sorry but can't see any reason to have anything but name on name labels.

We've got Cash's I think, ordered through school outfitters at same time as uniform. And, yes, I am sad enough to cut them out and re-use them if they are still in good nick when uniform is outgrown.

Alibubbles Sat 22-Jun-02 10:39:10

How do you do a link in your text? Offv sunject I know, but wanted to put one in the other day.
Thanks for the help!

WideWebWitch Sat 22-Jun-02 13:43:57

Allibubbles you type \ link { (but no spaces) then put in the (with no spaces) then type \ again followed by here or whatever word you want to insert and then the curly bracket again. Again, no spaces between any of this. The mumsnet instructions are: here!

mollipops Sat 22-Jun-02 14:26:28

Read a good tip the other day about saving money on name labels - if you have two children, put one name either side of your surname and you have labels for both children in one set. Eg Mary Jones John - you cut off the "Mary" to make labels for John and cut off "John" to make labels for Mary... I thought it was pretty good anyway!

Alibubbles Sat 22-Jun-02 16:45:14

www thanks I'll see if I can get it to work! Would you like to see my website click


amazing, it works, after 6 attempts!!

alex2 Sat 22-Jun-02 18:46:05

Our labels from stuck on you haven't washed off and we ironed them on as per the instructions - I think they work well.

XAusted Sun 23-Jun-02 20:58:33

Spot the cheapskate - both my children have the same initial so I just got one lot of name tapes (from Able Labels, good but plain) with their initial and surname!

Anyone discovered any waterproof labels for lunchboxes, etc? I've resorted to painting names on them with nail varnish.

SoupDragon Mon 24-Jun-02 10:31:19

XAusted, my mother was even cheaper - she just got tapes with our surname on so clothes could be handed down with no effort at all.

The stuck-to-you tapes are supposed to stick on lunch boxes etc and survive washing up, steam sterilisers, the works.

XAusted Mon 24-Jun-02 22:03:16

Sounds good. Where do you get them from?

PamT Mon 24-Jun-02 22:11:48

To make sticky labels for stuff that doesn't need to go in the washing machine you can buy a Brother label printer from Staples (they start at about £20). They look like a large calculator/personal organiser and you can choose fonts, styles and surrounds, type the title, then press 'print' and the little label pops out. They make very professional labels for use on books, boxes etc but are no good for clothes. I use Cash's name labels for clothes. You can pre-pay for these at BHS and some other clothes shops, then you ring up with the details and the labels are sent out to you. The labels are very plain but they do their job. I prefer the woven ones rather than printed for clothes because the print sometimes wears off.

Jaybee Tue 25-Jun-02 14:07:37

XAusted - plastic name labels from Namemark - I initiall ordered these through the school but they have a website - they are excellent, I use them on spots bottles, calculators, lunch boxes, gameboys & games etc. Loads of my friends have ordered them.
Namemark also do sew in labels - boring ones though! Also recommended are excellent shoe ones (shoe heel shaped then covered with clear plastic label - withstand 8-year old's ds' sweaty feet so must be ok.
My only doubt re. the pretty ones i.e. planes etc. are that you usually end up having to buy quite a few labels in one batch and a two-year old may like having planes in his jumper - a six year old may not think them quite so 'cool'!!
I am still using the labels ordered for mine when they started nursery at 4-months - ds is now 8 and dd is 5 - yes I do re-use them!!

Jaybee Tue 25-Jun-02 14:10:01

Sorry - that should be sports bottles!!!!

Nicolette Wed 26-Jun-02 13:51:04

I have used Permark labels a few times. They can be ordered on-line at:
They do sew-on and iron-on labels. I have only bought the iron-on ones which have stayed on nicely and the print doesn't fade badly.

jallardyce Mon 12-Jul-10 14:38:04

I hate sewing with a passion so the idea of using sew on ones was never going to happen. Last year I ordered some iron-on clothing labels that I found on the internet and they have lasted really well, and they have had a lot of washing! They also have funky designs and different colours which is fun.

Thanks for the money saving ideas here as well

Seona1973 Mon 12-Jul-10 14:50:14

I use the fab and funky stick on and iron on labels from easy2name (mumsnet discount on them too)

ButterpieBride Sat 21-Aug-10 21:15:24

Any good sites for sew on labels (I don't trust the iron on ones after working in a care home and seeing how often they fell out), long lasting stickers (for things like tupperware and bottles) and paper stickers (for things that get chucked out like yogurts).

DDs are both at a nursery that keeps lunches in a fridge, then prepares them for the children (eg you can send in homemade food to be reheated) and I need to label everything apparently, as well as wipes, nappy cream and so on. I need a lot of name labels!

LindsayJ Fri 01-Jul-11 14:21:55

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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