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Missing Instructions...anyone able to help?

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Dixie Tue 18-Jun-02 12:35:54

Can anyone help, I've mis-laid the actual instructions for my AVENT STEAM STERILISER, I can mainly remember how it all goes & operates but just wondered if someone had the instructions and could be bothered to type them up on here for me...I'd really appreciate it!! Mainly need to know the details about de-scaling the thing...have my citric acid but that is as much as I can remember!

P.s Haven't been around to post due to various problems, but have had the baby, will post to the other threads next time I have a spare moment!

Tissy Tue 18-Jun-02 12:38:05

look at the avent website- they have all the instructions there. (i think!)

MotherofOne Tue 18-Jun-02 13:06:10

Dixie - if no joy on the website let me know - I have mine somewhere I know and will post here if you still need them.

Art Tue 18-Jun-02 20:47:18


Ive copied this off the citric acid sachet so hope its the same as yours!

Mix 10gm sachet with 200ml/7fl oz water and pour into the steriliser. Switch on for 1-2 mins. do not put lid on.
Then switch off at mains and leave to stand for 30 mins. Drain and rinse the unit.

After descaling run a full cycle with the lid on, but the unit empty using the correct amount of water.

Its quite pongy so dont do it in a small kitchen with the baby!

Using the steriliser just pour water into the bottom so it comes just below the max line, put lid on and switch on.
Empty out after use.

Hope this helps. Youve prompted me into going and desacaling mine!

Art Tue 18-Jun-02 20:50:06

Have just checked the instruction leaflet - after descaling wipe unit dry.
When sterilising use 3 oz water in the bottom.

ScummyMummy Wed 19-Jun-02 02:30:38

Congratulations Dixie. I hope all went well for you and the baby at the birth. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

CAM Wed 19-Jun-02 09:08:18

Many congratulations to you and baby Dixie, hope you are feeling alright.

Marina Wed 19-Jun-02 11:20:58

Yes, can't help with steriliser instructions Dixie, but delighted to see you are on the loose from hospital and look forward to hearing more. Warmest congratulations!

tigermoth Wed 19-Jun-02 12:29:06

Many congratulations, Dixie.

honeybunny Wed 19-Jun-02 13:34:30

Talking about missing instructions, I can't find ours for the maxi priori 2nd stage car seat, ie how to move the straps/take the cover off for washing etc. I had to rely on dbrother last time, but thats a 320mile round trip!! Is there a website with instr?
Congratulations Dixie on your new arrival, looking forward to hearing the details once you have a moment.

Demented Wed 19-Jun-02 15:18:35

Many congratulations Dixie!

leander Wed 19-Jun-02 15:26:45

Congratulations Dixie and thankyou for spurring me on to descale my steriliser!!

Enid Wed 19-Jun-02 18:58:21

honeybunny, we've still got ours I can send them to you if you like - lets really try to speak on the phone soon. x

honeybunny Wed 19-Jun-02 20:11:30

Enid to the rescue!! Again! Yes, that would be great, and as I'm not planning another house move I'd promise to get them back to you without losing them! RE: the phone! How 'bout tmr?

Dixie Thu 27-Jun-02 12:01:55

thanks all, sterliser de-scaled!

update of my birth/baby is on the 'baby here at last' thread for those asking....

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